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Cannabis Cancer

New scientific research studies are proving that a few of the cannabinoids (primarily THC and CBD) naturally found in marijuana can stop cancer cell growth as well as provide other medical benefits for humans. For instance, cannabinoids can:

– Reduce inflammation
– Reduce pain
– Reduce anxiety
– Reduce nausea
– Reduce seizures
– Inhibit cancer cell growth
– and more.

Below are 41 medical studies showing that cannabinoids can stop cancer.

Stops Cancer in General

Stops Brain Cancer

Stops Breast Cancer

Stops Lung Cancer

Stops Uterine, Testicular, and Pancreatic Cancers

Stops Prostate Cancer

Stops Colorectal Cancer

Stops Ovarian Cancer

Stops Blood Cancer

Stops Skin Cancer

Stops Liver Cancer

Stops Biliary Tract Cancer

Stops Bladder Cancer

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