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Arizona Department of Health Services began accepting applications for medical marijuana cards on April 14th as so far about 80% of them have been approved.

The department recently released some demographic information about the medical marijuana card applicants. Around 78 percent of them were male. The largest age group was individuals 51 and older, which made up 37 percent of total applicants. The second largest age group was people between 41 and 50 years old.

The list of conditions patients included on applications consisted of cancer, Hepatitis C, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS and Crohn’s disease among others.  Applications were submitted by patients from all over the state.

Arizona marijuana patients must submit their applications online to the AZDHS website. In addition to personal items like their name, age and medical conditions, applicants must also attach a photograph of themselves, a copy of Arizona state issued ID, and the signed doctor certification, also called an attestation. Patients can find a marijuana doctor in the doctor directory.

Once patients have been approved, they will be mailed their medical marijuana card. Processing time for patient applications can be up to 10 days.

Medical marijuana dispensaries will not be open until later this year. However, patients are allowed to grow marijuana or obtain it from another patient or caregiver. Caregivers are designated by a medical marijuana patient to help them obtain medical marijuana. The caregiver can either grow or purchase the medicine from a dispensary or caregiver. Find a Arizona caregiver near you here.

By, Eddie Haskill,