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More than a year ago Arizonans voted and approved the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. Since then, it has begun to appear as though Arizona officials are intentionally‒maybe, in some cases, unintentionally‒and continually deterring the full implementation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act for one reason or another.

The latest impediment came when Maricopa county officials denied White Mountain Health Center, a potential Sun City dispensary operator, from obtaining information about city zoning rules. Without this information, White Mountain Health Center is unable to comply with state regulations which require zoning rules to be listed on the dispensary application.

White Mountain Health Center filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County because they refused to provide documents necessary for dispensary approval. The American Civil Liberties Union has joined with White Mountain Health Center in the struggle for medical marijuana in Arizona. On October 19th, a judge saw the case, but would not give a date for a ruling; thus, further delaying the full implementation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

Whatever the judge’s ruling, the relevant fact is that thanks to the state of Arizona and its voters, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act exists and is moving forward; whether it be through marijuana dispensaries, or caregivers and patients cultivating medical marijuana; thus, slowly‒and arduously‒accomplishing the aspiration of the Act, which is to help patients improve their quality of life by means of marijuana.

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