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Marijuana for Arizona’s Elderly

Posted: Dec.16.13  |  Author:  |  Category: Marijuana News in Arizona and World

Marijuana Arizona Elderly

Marijuana has many health benefits and can be very beneficial for elderly people.

Arizona is known for its large retirement population and snowbirds visiting in the winter. And good news for them because they can probably qualify for medical marijuana in Arizona rather easily.

Arizona’s elderly and snowbirds can obtain a medical marijuana card in Arizona as long as they have a residential address in Arizona and have a qualifying medical condition.

With these two qualifiers, Arizona’s elderly can visit an Arizona marijuana doctor and obtain a medical marijuana card.

With a medical marijuana card in hand, these new medical marijuana patients can visit an Arizona dispensary to obtain their medicine (medical marijuana). Or they can choose to get their medicine delivered to them via a medical marijuana delivery service.

Learn if you qualify for medical marijuana in Arizona and how to get a medical marijuana card in Arizona.

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