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Marijuana News in Arizona and World

Dispensaries Map AZ

New Phoenix metro dispensaries just opened!

The new Phoenix metro dispensaries are located in Phoenix, Peoria, Mesa, and Cave Creek. Also, a new dispenary opened in Safford, in southeastern Arizona.

Marijuana for Children Seizures

A family from Virginia is about to move to Arizona for the sole purpose of obtaining medical marijuana for their 15-month-old son.

Jennifer and Dan Strouth have been giving their son, Levi, five different anti seizure medications daily. They say that not only do these medications provide no relief; it appears that they might actually be worsening Levi’s condition.

The Strouths have heard stories of children with epilepsy finding drastic relief in the form of medical marijuana and are willing to try anything at this point. The type of marijuana that is provided to children with these conditions isn’t one that gets them high or provides any type of narcotic effect, but it does offer immediate relief.

Jennifer Strouth says “There have been children who were in wheelchairs not feeding themselves that are now walking and feeding themselves.” It’s this type of hope that makes leaving behind family, friends, and their jobs in search of a better life for their son truly worth it.

The Strouth family hopes that their story will help inspire others to speak up in favor of the medicinal values of marijuana.

Health benefits from marijuana.

Qualifying conditions for marijuana in Arizona.



Arizona Dispensary

Medical marijuana is now available at Natural Remedy Patient Center, located in Safford, AZ.

Patients get greeted in a traditional waiting room where they are asked to show their medical marijuana card. A large array of cannabis literature as well as information pertaining to the specific strains and other services offered by the dispensary are available to look over while waiting.

Once patients are called into the “medicine room” the overwhelming aroma of top shelf marijuana instantly greets them. Natural Remedy Patient Center currently is offering three tiers of marijuana. Edibles were not yet available to purchase, but they are hoping to have a nice variety in the coming weeks.

Owner Kathy Sanchez who owns and operates a few additional dispensaries across Arizona plans to donate a large portion of revenue to local animal and homeless shelters as well as nearby schools. “We want to give back to the local community there in Safford as well as in Clifton” Sanchez said.

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Lost Marijuana Card

Dan "Dank" Kingston

What to do if you lose your medical marijuana card

Get Arizona Medical Marijuana Card
If your Arizona medical marijuana card is lost or stolen you’ll need to contact the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) to get a replacement card.

If you know your medical marijuana card number you can visit the ADHS’s website and complete their provided form. If you do NOT know your medical marijuana card number, you have to email the ADHS’s medical marijuana support email address.

Contact the ADHS:


Another “compassion club” (unlicensed business selling marijuana) in the Phoenix area was raided by police.

Delta 9, located in a strip mall in Tempe, was distributing medical marijuana to card-holding patients without a state license.

Compassion clubs usually charge monthly membership fees and then donate small quantities of marijuana to patients with medical marijuana cards.

In Arizona, donating marijuana between medical marijuana patients is legal, but the compassion clubs are still operating in a grey area that the cops appear to be claiming as illegal territory – especially now that so many legal, state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are open.

Cops arrest everyone when compassion clubs get raided. So it is much safer to get a medical marijuana card and only purchase marijuana from a state-licensed dispensary, delivery service, or caregiver. Currently, there are about 80 dispensaries operating in Arizona.

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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

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Marijuana Arizona

As Arizona’s medical marijuana industry continues to develop, other pro-marijuana actions are underway in Arizona and other states throughout the country.

Almost 30 states and the District of Columbia are considering some type of marijuana law reform legislation this year. The laws include bills that cover marijuana legalization for adults, medical marijuana programs, decriminalization, and hemp cultivation.

Arizona currently has two reform bills simultaneously pending. One about legalization for adults and the other for marijuana possession decriminalization.

Currently there are 14 states considering marijuana legalization for adults: Arizona, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

12 states and the District of Columbia are considering types of marijuana-related decriminalization: Alabama, Arizona, DC, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wyoming.

11 states are considering establishing medical marijuana programs: Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Hawaii, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

3 states are considering industrial hemp cultivation: Indiana, New York, and Tennessee.

Before long every state in the country will likely be a part of the marijuana industry; whether it be marijuana legalization or marijuana for medical purposes.

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Marijuana Banks

The federal government is paving a way for banks to work with marijuana industry businesses.

This week, the US Justice Department and Treasury Department issued memorandums that have provided banks with an outline for how to legally conduct business with marijuana industry businesses.

The new rules require banks to verify that marijuana businesses are properly licensed by their state before pursuing a business relationship. Banks are then required to monitor the businesses for any financial violations and report suspicious activity to federal regulators.

Whether the new regulations for banks and marijuana industry businesses will work is yet to be seen.

Most likely, large commercial banks will quickly enter the industry, but smaller regional banks will likely stay away due to the fear of large fines from regulators.

These new regulations are intended to help marijuana industry transactions to “move from the shadows,” said Mrs. Calvery, director of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

Even with these new federal regulations, many financial institutions are likely to remain cautious. Some banking industry experts have mentioned that nothing short of Congressional action will permit the banking industry to partner with marijuana industry businesses.

This new-found tolerance by the fed for legitimate state-run marijuana industries is a huge victory for the marijuana industry and banks.

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Upcoming Marijuana Events

William Wallace

Marijuana Event

If you enjoy marijuana and events, then you’re going to love these upcoming marijuana events.

In April, there is the Arizona 420 Festival in Phoenix. This is a 3-day event held over the weekend of April 20th. The event is hosted at a hotel, which means you can party all day and then sleep it off at the same place. There will be awards, music, vendors, a job fair and pool party, and more!

Also over the April 20th weekend is High Times’s Cannabis Cup in Denver, CO, and HempCon in San Bernardino, CA.

Another local and reoccurring marijuana event is the AZ Medical Marijuana Farmers Market. This event takes place in Phoenix on the first and third of every month.

Learn more about these Marijuana Events and others.

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If you’ve visited California or Colorado lately, then you either know about or have probably heard of “dabs” or “dabbing.” This method of concentrated marijuana consumption has been around for over a decade, but the arrival of more advanced extraction methods have led to an increase of marijuana concentrates that have catapulted dabbing’s popularity into High Times magazine issues and Cannabis Cups around the world.

A dab refers to a dose of marijuana concentrate (think of an earwax-like substance) that is heated on a hot surface, usually on a nail, and then inhaled as it burns. Dabs are usually referred to as butane hash oil (or BHO), wax, shatter, or budder.

Dabs are most commonly created by a technique in which high-quality marijuana is blasted with butane that is then extracted. Thus, leaving a substance that is a marijuana concentrate with THC levels boosted to as high as 60% – 90%; whereas, marijuana from dispensaries usually has THC levels around 12% – 25%.

One unsettling fact about dabbing is that because of the overwhelming potency, it is almost possible to overdose on marijuana. Although it is still not lethal, consuming more than your personal limit of dabs can lead to extremely long and uncomfortable highs, and often times, to passing out.

One positive side to dabs, or concentrates, is that they give a strong dose of medicine to those who truly need it. Patients dealing with severe discomfort can find quick and long-lasting relief from concentrates. For those patients who need very potent medicine, the amount of marijuana that they would have to smoke or vaporize to get the same effect as dabbing is just unattainable.

Luckily, the safety issues with marijuana concentrates can easily be controlled within a professional environment.

Dispensaries in certain states such as California, Colorado and Washington currently offer many types of concentrates. As of now, marijuana concentrates are illegal in Arizona and most other states.

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New Arizona Dispensaries

New Arizona dispensaries have opened this year! And a more are set to open soon, so continue to check our dispensary map to see what is new.

The newest Arizona dispensaries are located in Peoria and Cave Creek.

View the Arizona Dispensaries Map to see the locations of all Arizona dispensaries that are open.

Expect to see Arizona dispensaries opening new locations in strip malls and other highly trafficked areas.

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How to get an Arizona marijuana card.

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