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Judge Michael Gordon of Maricopa County Superior Court ruled on behalf of Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act, stating that it does not conflict with the Federal government or the Controlled Substances Act. The ruling upholds the Arizona medical marijuana program, which means that dispensaries should begin to open soon, and should be able to flourish without hindrance from the Fed or Arizona officials.

Judge Gordon stated, “This court will not rule that Arizona, having sided with the ever-growing minority of states and having limited it to medical use, has violated public policy.” This ruling is monumental for Arizona. It basically tells the Fed and Arizona officials to stop impeding the medical marijuana program from being fully implemented –as it should have been in 2010.

Arizona Organix, the Glendale dispensary-to-be, said the pending ruling had a large influence on their decision to delay opening. So it is probably safe to assume that Arizona Organix will be opening their doors before 2013.

Jeffrey Kaufman, the lead attorney for White Mountain Health Center has written an article for about the amazing win that he helped fight for. The medical marijuana community in Arizona thanks you Mr. Kaufman and all the other activists. Read Mr. Kaufman’s article here.

The Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies dispensary in Tucson, Arizona has officially opened. This is Arizona’s first medical marijuana dispensary – and hopefully more will soon follow.

The Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies dispensary opened its doors to allow patients to pre-register. The dispensary says it will be dispensing medical marijuana to patients later this month.

Keep your fingers crossed that the Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies dispensary will be allowed to operate unimpeded by state officials.

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A proposed medical marijuana dispensary in Tucson was given a final inspection by Arizona health officials on November 20 – and passed. The dispensary was granted approval to open, but the owners have not yet given their opening date.

The (still anonymous) Tucson dispensary, located on the east side, and the Arizona Organix dispensary in Glendale, are now both licensed with approval to open – but both are delaying.  Hopefully, one, if not both, will open before the end of the year.

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On November 15, Arizona Organix was licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) as a medical marijuana dispensary ready to open for operation to dispense medical marijuana. But on November 19, Arizona Organix asked the ADHS for a short delay on the effective date of operation on their Operating License in order to ensure that things run smoothly when they officially begin operations.

Therefore, the Glendale dispensary will not be opening till further notice (hopefully it will be within a week or two). When the dispensary opens, it will be required by law to be in operation for at least 30 hours per week between the hours of 7am and 10pm. For more information visit our original article about Arizona Organix: “ADHS Has Licensed Arizona’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary” will keep you up-to-date on the status of Arizona Organix dispensary and all other medical marijuana-related news. Sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed: Newsletter registration

Cooperation between medical marijuana caregivers, patients, and the authorities in Flagstaff, Arizona have shaped the medical marijuana industry and community in Flagstaff into an ideal model. The caregivers are cultivating marijuana strains for the specific medical conditions that their patients suffer from, and patients are legally exchanging  marijuana with other patients.  Meanwhile, the police are obeying state laws and not impeding on the medical marijuana industry, but allowing it to flourish.

Grassroots Wellness Center assists almost 500 patients with acquiring medical marijuana. Patients at Grassroots can take advantage of a legal gray area that allows patients to donate/exchange marijuana with other patients. Many patients say that they are now able to stop using their prescription drugs that caused horrible side effects and were highly addictive. As well as helping patients receive much needed medicine, Grassroots also staffs a naturopathic doctor, masseuses, acupuncturists, and has counseling and support groups for patients with certain medical conditions.

With no dispensaries open yet, the Grassroots Wellness Center has been able to thrive because patients have a location to easily find access to medicine. Grassroots Wellness Center is open from 11am-6pm Monday-Friday and is located at 460 North Switzer Canyon, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001.

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) has officially licensed a medical marijuana dispensary.  Arizona Organix, a medical marijuana dispensary operator in Glendale, Arizona, can begin selling medical marijuana immediately.  The dispensary will be located at 5301 W. Glendale Ave.

Arizona Organix has not yet decided on when they will open. Their attorney, Ryan Hurley, stated that “they’re ready to open as soon as they want to… [but] it’s not going to be tomorrow.”  The dispensary appears to be waiting for the White Mountain lawsuit to receive a ruling from the judge (which should happen any day now) before they open.

With the opening of any Arizona dispensary comes the concluding of caregivers (in that area) because the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act states that patients and caregivers cannot grow marijuana within 25 miles of a licensed dispensary.  (The 25 mile radius from Arizona Organix’s location will encompass most of the Valley.)  The ADHS will not revoke current patients’ or caregivers’ cards who have permission to grow; however, the ADHS will not renew those peoples’ grow cards either.

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UPDATE: “Glendale’s Arizona Organix Dispensary Opening Delayed”

The implementation of medical marijuana legalization is spreading across the United States. Massachusetts has become the 18th state in the country to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The new law takes effect on Jan. 1, and will allow a patient diagnosed with certain debilitating medical conditions–such as, cancer, glaucoma, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, among others–to be able to possess and use up to a 60-day supply of marijuana. (Massachusetts Department of Public Health has yet to determine how much marijuana that will consist of.)

More and more states are accepting marijuana as a genuine medicine with the ability to ease pain and heal. It has begun to appear that the Federal government will have to revise its laws against marijuana and begin to acknowledge its medicinal viability.

After years of successful implementation of voter-approved medical marijuana regulation in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, these three states are now attempting to progress to the legalized recreational use of marijuana. The states’ new prospective marijuana laws would have marijuana paralleled to alcohol as a self-regulating, leisure-time substance.

Each state would consist of similar laws that would make marijuana a material left to an adult’s (21 years or older) own discretionary usage. Driving while under the influence of marijuana would be comparable to DUI charges for drinking and driving; although, law enforcement agencies are still confounded with how to accurately verify that someone is in fact under the influence of marijuana the moment while driving. Most states seem to prefer to regulate the marijuana industry through a licensing system. All the states approve the cultivation of marijuana, but differ slightly in their declared regulations.

Retailing and taxing marijuana, just like alcohol, seems to be a well-liked and appealing approach to a likely multi-billion dollar industry for each state. With state revenues down and budding bankruptcies looming around the nation, it is only logical that these states are voting to approve the legalization and taxation of a safe and natural substance like marijuana.

More than a year ago Arizonans voted and approved the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. Since then, it has begun to appear as though Arizona officials are intentionally‒maybe, in some cases, unintentionally‒and continually deterring the full implementation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act for one reason or another.

The latest impediment came when Maricopa county officials denied White Mountain Health Center, a potential Sun City dispensary operator, from obtaining information about city zoning rules. Without this information, White Mountain Health Center is unable to comply with state regulations which require zoning rules to be listed on the dispensary application.

White Mountain Health Center filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County because they refused to provide documents necessary for dispensary approval. The American Civil Liberties Union has joined with White Mountain Health Center in the struggle for medical marijuana in Arizona. On October 19th, a judge saw the case, but would not give a date for a ruling; thus, further delaying the full implementation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

Whatever the judge’s ruling, the relevant fact is that thanks to the state of Arizona and its voters, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act exists and is moving forward; whether it be through marijuana dispensaries, or caregivers and patients cultivating medical marijuana; thus, slowly‒and arduously‒accomplishing the aspiration of the Act, which is to help patients improve their quality of life by means of marijuana.

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The Page City Council voted to approve their first medical marijuana dispensary permit with a 5-2 vote. The dispensary that would be operated by The Kind Relief, Inc. now only needs to get approval from the Arizona Department of Health Services to open. The dispensary would be located near Coppermine Road and Highway 98 in southern Page if approved.

A majority of the Page residents that spoke at the council meeting were advocates for the approval of the dispensary permit. One resident mentioned that they would prefer having a medical marijuana dispensary in Page rather than allowing a group of patients and caregivers to be allowed to grow their own marijuana because “there is no way to monitor it.”

The Arizona Department of Health Services has 45 days to review The Kind Relief’s status and give them an approval or disapproval.

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