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Marijuana News in Arizona and World

The Arizona Senate committee has officially approved a bill which allows law enforcement to legally destroy medical marijuana seized during investigations.

The bill was created in order to clarify and protect law enforcement officers from getting caught between federal and state laws regarding marijuana. Senator Kimberly Yee and a few others are trying to pass multiple bills related to the medical marijuana industry.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is fighting again the destruction of seized medical marijuana because the state constitution bars legislators from messing with voter-approved laws like the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA).

Northern Arizona officially has a medical marijuana dispensary in operation. Route 66 Wellness Center is located in Williams, Arizona, about 30 miles west of Flagstaff.

Route 66 Wellness Center dispensary’s vice president stated “We just did a soft opening to kind of let people just slowly start coming in so we can kind of control what’s happening, and that way we’re not messing with the image of the town, which I know is a huge, huge thing.”

Currenty, Route 66 Wellness Center dispensary receives all of its medical marijuana via donation from local caregivers and patients. But the dispensary is looking for a cultivation site to begin growing its own medical marijuana strains.

Visit the new Dispensary Map to locate and learn more about Route 66 Wellness Center dispensary.


Cathy’s Compassion Center, a dispensary in Cochise, Arizona, recently opened and is already supplying southern Arizona with some of the highest-quality medical marijuana in Arizona.

Cathy’s Compassion Center also offers medical marijuana delivery to your home. Call Cathy’s today to learn more about medical marijuana delivery: 866-291-8797

The dispensary is gaining momentum and building a strong customer base, largely due to the vast array of medical marijuana strains they are always able to provide. Cathy’s Compassion Center dispensary has medical marijuana strains for every type of qualifying medical condition allowed in Arizona.

Visit Cathy’s Compassion Center today and see how a top-notch dispensary operates and the amazing medical marijuana they provide.


Cathy’s Compassion Center
1825 W. Dragoon Rd
Cochise, AZ 85606
Phone: (866) 291-8797
More info
Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 9am-6pm
Payment Methods: Cash and credit cards


This Phoenix-based cultivation operation reveals how Arizona’s medical marijuana industry is beginning to flourish. Dispensaries will be operating large grow facilities (as seen in video) in order to produce vast quantities of medical marijuana to fill demand by Arizona medical marijuana patients.



AZ Dispensaries MapWe just launched an AZ Dispensaries Map that is only for Arizona’s state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries!

The Arizona Dispensaries Map includes all Arizona dispensary locations, their medicine menus (of current marijuana strains), phone numbers, email addresses, website addresses, and more!

The Arizona Dispensaries Map assists Arizona’s medical marijuana patients with conveniently finding state-licensed dispensaries in Arizona as well as help in finding current types of marijuana strains and other products available at each Arizona dispensary.

You can find the AZ Dispensaries Map on the Arizona Dispensaries Map page on

Advertise on the AZ Dispensaries Map.


Although Arizona citizens voted and passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act in 2010, some state officials are still wasting taxpayers’ time and money on personal vendettas by opposing the voter-approved medical marijuana law. A bill proposed earlier this month by Republican Rep. John Kavanagh could be challenging the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act in the November 2014 ballet.

The bill filed by Rep. Kavanagh seeks to revoke the entire Arizona Medical Marijuana Act because Rep. Kavanagh’s personal discrimination of marijuana leads him to believe that Arizonans were misled in regards to the impact of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

Although there are hundreds-of-thousands of medical marijuana patients around the country that know medical marijuana helps with their medical condition(s), Rep. Kavanagh claims that the majority of Arizona medical marijuana cardholders have received their card for chronic pain. And Rep. Kavanagh says that chronic pain is “subjective, ill-defined and easily faked.” Apparently Rep. Kavanagh doesn’t truly comprehend the words: sympathetic, unbiased, or logical. Nor does he seem to understand that he is supposed to be working for the people of Arizona, and not fighting against them.

It is obvious that Rep. Kavanagh has no empathy for people with chronic pain–those people also happen to be the people who pay his salary and elected him into office–and now he defies medical marijuana chronic pain patients by openly calling them frauds. Chronic pain suffers–whether it be the elderly, veterans, or anyone with a disability–that seek natural pain relief via medical marijuana are liars and law-abusing scammers in the eyes of Rep. Kavanagh.


By law, the Arizona Department of Health Services has to periodically accept petitions to add new qualifying medical conditions to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

Last year’s petition included depression, migraines, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD 1, and PTSD 2. The Department of Health Services hired the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health to do a study on the effectiveness of marijuana at treating those medical conditions. After reviewing the study, the Department of Health Services decided there was a “lack of published data regarding the risks and benefits of using Cannabis to treat or provide relief for the petitioned conditions.” Therefore, none of the petitioned medical conditions were included in the Act.

During the week of January 25 – 31, petitions will be accepted again. Arizonans will be able to vote for the opportunity to add new qualifying medical conditions to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act by visiting the website.


Green Halo, Tucson’s second medical marijuana dispensary to open has begun selling medical marijuana-infused foods – also known as edibles or medibles. The ebibles currently being cooked in Green Halo dispensary’s infusion kitchen are hard candies, brownies, and cookies.

Many medical marijuana patients enjoy being able to medicate by eating food rather than smoking. Edibles provide the perfect remedy for the patient who prefers not to smoke. With edibles, a patient can simply take a cookie or brownie or candy with them if they go out in public. When they need to medicate, they can conveniently eat the edible, which is inconspicuous. Whereas smoking medical marijuana in public can cause discrimination and/or arrest.

All Arizona dispensaries have the right to apply for and open an infusion kitchen license, thus allowing them to create edibles legally. In time, most, if not all dispensaries will have infused kitchens producing medical marijuana edibles for medical marijuana patients.

Globe Farmacy dispensary will be opening soon in Globe, Arizona. The dispensary is located in Globe’s historic downtown district.

The City of Globe is working with Globe Farmacy owners and operators to see that the dispensary exceeds Arizona standards and sets an example for the rest of the state’s dispensaries. The dispensary’s location has been set up to function as a dispensary and a cultivation site. Globe Farmacy hopes to contribute to the local economy by providing quality medicine to those in need and creating sustainable jobs for residents.

Globe Farmacy dispensary is expected to be open very soon.


A dispensary in the Utah-Arizona border town of Page, Arizona has opened its doors. The dispensary, known as Kind Relief, is the only dispensary open in northern Arizona.

Kind Relief dispensary prides itself on providing organic, locally grown medical marijuana. Members of Kind Relief dispensary receive discounts on medicine, as well as edible tastings in their kitchen, and more. Kind Relief has a chef on staff, who prepares medical marijuana edibles, such as cookies, brownies, and candies for patients who cannot or choose not to smoke medical marijuana.