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Medical Marijuana Patients Card
Good news for California, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and other medical marijuana patients visiting Arizona: you can use and possess marijuana in Arizona.

Visiting medical marijuana cardholders (patients) in Arizona are allowed to use and possess marijuana in Arizona. But there is a catch: you must possess an Arizona medical marijuana card to purchase marijuana from a dispensary. This means that visiting medical marijuana patients will have to find an Arizona medical marijuana patient to provide them with marijuana. The classifieds can help medical marijuana patients find each other.

The Arizona Department of Health Services stated:

“The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) provides that a person is a “visiting patient” if he/she has been diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition in another state. Further, if a visiting patient has been issued a card or its equivalent to possess or use marijuana for medical purposes, that card has the same force and effect as a card issued in Arizona under the AMMA.

A visiting patient would be responsible to abide by the same laws provided in the AMMA for their medical use of marijuana. They may be presumed to be within the medical use of marijuana if they present a card or its equivalent issued by their residing state and they possess no more than the allowable amount under the AMMA (2.5 ounces of usable marijuana in a 14 day period). Visiting patients cannot purchase their medication at a dispensary and cannot cultivate marijuana in Arizona.”

But the good news is that visiting patients can legally use marijuana in Arizona.

The classifieds can help visiting medical marijuana patients find Arizona medical marijuana patients.