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Retired Marijuana Farmer Cultivated Pot to Alleviate Arthritis

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A retired medical marijuana patient from England is ‘looking down the barrel’ of the British legal system after the elderly man was caught with the hydroponic cultivation of cannabis to help treat the pains of his ailing arthritis. The 73 year-old senior that is currently on the British equivalent of Social Security plead guilty to growing over 40 cannabis plants from indica to sativa strains in his English flat. Irving Fuchs from All Cannings, England has suffered from the debilitating effects of arthritis for numerous decades and smoking cannabis was a holistic option that this retiree chose. The card holding cannabis patient was found to be growing marijuana plants of various strains after a tip from one of his neighbors informed police of his hydroponic grow room.

The police raided the house of the marijuana horticulturist last August and discovered 5 marijuana plants in the backyard, 4 cannabis plants in a DIY greenhouse setup, 10 in a polytunnel and 4 cultivating in the front yard. After further investigation of the grounds, the kitchen was the home of an additional 6 pot plants of sativa strains and while upstairs master bedroom housed 11 organic plants named Mary Jane. Fuchs informed police that he had been smoking marijuana ever since he was teen – instantly understanding the benefits of marijuana. All the marijuana that was grown by the farmer was for personal consumption. All the seized plants by police were mainly composed of marijuana clippings and trim, however a few of the plants were mature.

Defending attorney Raymond Tan brought to the courts numerous letters of support from the neighbors of Fuch. The organic marijuana farmer sent a letter directly to the judge unveiling his marijuana grow was only for personal use and no illegal activity ever took place. The arrest of Fuch was 1 of 3 cannabis cultivation setups that were busted in the Devizes area as of recent.

The axing of an ex-Walmart worker from Battle Creek, who had been terminated for not passing a marijuana test however stated he ought to be absolved on account of Michigan’s medical cannabis laws, has been affirmed by way of a federal appeals court which decided the preventative measure will not handle personal company choices. The medical marijuana law “isn’t going to control private employment,” the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals panel stated inside a judgment released this past Wednesday.

Joseph Casias, whom suffers from a brain tumor that is inoperable, had been let go by the Battle Creek Walmart retailer following his failed test for marijuana. The medical marijuana patient from Michigan sued, however the case was thrown out by Robert Jonker, U.S. District Judge. Jonker previously decided that the essential trouble with (Casias) court case will be that the medical cannabis law will not control private employment. “Instead, the Act supplies a possible defense to felony prosecution or another undesirable motion from the state. … All the marijuana will do is provide several individuals restricted defense against criminal prosecution from the state, or even from other undesirable state motion in cautiously restricted medical cannabis situations.”

The patient that needs the medical effects of marijuana was employed by Walmart from The fall of 2004 until The fall of 2009. He had been terminated for a positive test for marijuana even though he explained he never smoked marijuana at work nor was high coming in. The stoner’s oncologist suggested he test out the marijuana once the marijuana legislation had taken effect in ’08. Casias discovered that it minimized severe discomfort and pain in addition to not getting the unwanted side effects of other prescription medication.

The appeals panel, nevertheless, decided with Jonker’s prior ruling. “The district court retained that the (medical cannabis regulations) failed to control private employment however that the statute may possibly supply a defense to criminal prosecution.

“The district court came to the conclusion, consequently, that private workers are not really shielded from disciplinary action on account of their consumption of medical cannabis, or are private employers essential to support the application of medicinal marijuana at work. In rendering its choice, the district court outlined that voters Michigan couldn’t have planned such outcomes and that accepting plaintiff’s argument might develop a brand new group of guarded employees that might ‘mark a revolutionary departure from the common rule of at-will work in Michigan.’” Casias’ attorneys was adamant their client’s firing compromised the medicinal marijuana law.

Many people in high places fear the wrath of the public should they openly opt for marijuana legalization – one federal judge sees the fear as pointless. Federal Judge Richard “Dick” Posner, recognized as among the most-noticeable legal staffers from the Reagan administration, openly and proudly said in the course of a recent symposium that he thinks it’s ridiculous that the organic cannabis plant is federally illegal. The judge expressed uncertainty that strict marijuana laws are needed for other illegal drugs, and also questioned the success of the criminal justice system in managing drug abuse problems.

“In my opinion, I do not feel we need to have a section of the drug laws that we currently have in place in our system.” Posner said to the crowd of at Elmhurst College in Chicago Illinois. “It’s quite ridiculous to be criminalizing and vilifying possession of marijuana or distributing or even smoking the medicinal plant,” said the Judge – being met with a load roar from the cheering crowd. “On one hand weed, the other cigarettes…I see no difference.”

Richard Posner – currently serving on the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit within Chicago – continued his rant about marijuana myths and facts and questioned the necessity for strict consequences when it pertains to other worse drugs besides cannabis. “I question other drug and marijuana laws…I have no idea how much information we know, just for example, regarding if cocaine is actually a drug that’s disabling or if it’s something individuals can take and lead to less or more normal lives.”

“There’s no doubt that dangerous drugs are everywhere at a human’s disposal,” continuing to say that his fear of harder drugs may be a tad overblown. “There are loads of problems out there and the idea of utilizing criminal law as the 1st means of handling a problem of abuse and addiction, of consuming a dangerous drug. It’s not practical by an means.”

He finished by saying “that’s the reason for a high number of our inmates and these penalties are regularly over-the-tip severe” Pull out an Ipad and take notes, President Obama and Mitt Romney: when a renowned and known conservative judge such as says your failed war on drugs “ridiculous.” Should a new era be in place where the conversation about marijuana legalization isn’t scoffed at?

Different strokes for different folks – Cannabis may not be viewed as medicinal medicine in the eyes of Obama and the Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.), however nurses from the marijuana friendly state of California have the option for continuing educations credits for learning safe and effective use of medical marijuana in Berkley, northern California this upcoming autumn.

Medical marijuana expert and addictions registered nurse, Mary Lynn Mathre – Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN), registered nurse (RN) and Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN), the Present of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and co-founder of Patients Out of Time – along with licensed California lawyer who practices in the field of marijuana laws, Christine Wagner, will be heading the marijuana conference named “The Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis: What Nurses Need to Know.” The seminar will be held at the David Browner Center in Berkley, California on Tues. October 23rd at 8:30 a.m.

The California Board of Registered Nursing has authorized Continuing Education Credits for all licensed nurses who participate in the 6-hour conference, which consists of an introduction of marijuana 101, the numerous cannabinoids (phyto-cannabinoids, pharmaceutical cannabinoid and endogenous products) and the recently uncovered (ECS) endogenous cannabinoid system that’s found within all human beings. Through knowing the endogenous cannabinoid system, it will develop more clearly as to why and how marijuana is an effective, holistic and safe medication for a large bevy of sickness and conditions. The role of the nurse if patient education and care in regards the safe consumption of medical marijuana, which includes smoking methodologies and connections with prescription opiates, is going to be reviewed. Federal and state laws relating to marijuana as medicine will also be introduced.

The conference is provided by Patients Out of Time, a non-profit organization “whose objective is to help inform all disciplines of health-care experts, their specialized and professional organizations, and the public about medical marijuana.”

Marijuana Legalization Initiative Endorsed by Children’s Alliance

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This upcoming fall ballot will have the marijuana legalization initiative on it and a surprising vote of assurance from a well-known children’s advocacy organization and a predicted vote of disapproval from another organization of drug-abuse suppliers. The Seattle non-profit – The Children’s Alliance – consists of members including important social services agencies, back by Initiative 502 in an attempt to confront the racially unbalanced influences of existing cannabis laws, stated the Alliance’s deputy director Jon Gould.

Cannabis use is equivalent among whites and blacks, but African-Americans are 3 times more likely to be detained, arrested, charged and found guilty of pot-related offenses, stated Gould. Kids “wind up having to pay a horrible price for the disproportionate enforcement” when their parents’ criminal records impede their means to get work, federal student aid or public housing, which include Pell Grants.

“The status quo isn’t performing for kids, specifically kids of color. Public policy really should move us further in the direction of racial equity and justice, and Initiative 502 is certainly one breakthrough to that,” stated Gould. I-502, the 1st cannabis-related initiative on the whole state-wide ballot in over 14 years – would permit and strongly tax sales of upwards of 1 ounce of pot from state-regulated medical marijuana collectives to medical marijuana patients over the age of 21, and would also restrict marijuana related D.U.I. laws. The Children’s Alliance board member Don Scaramastra and Gould recognized that the support will be quite controversial – with a few adversaries of the law opposing that legal marijuana may lead to an increased used of youngsters smoking the medicinal plant.

This was the main cause by the Washington Association for Violence Prevention and Substance Abuse – it technically was released in opposition of I-502. Cannabis consumption is the main purpose that teens go to treatment within Washington, and students with a ‘D’ average were more inclined to smoke cannabis in the prior year compared to students with an average of an ‘A,’ as stated by the group. “Liquor is as of today highly regulated, however is the numero uno drug chosen by teens.”

Scarmastra said that I-502 might carry on cannabis possession laws for individuals under the age of 21. “This marijuana law doesn’t permit marijuana use to be okay for kids, stated Scarmastra who’s an attorney from Seattle. Yet assessed in opposition to the repercussions of what Scarmastra perspectives as mediator in forcing marijuana regulations, he chose to pick to back I-502. The Children’s Alliance which was created in 1984, is a productive group in Washington lobbying on behalf of kid’s social safety net, which pertains to nutrition, child welfare and health concerns. Just recent, it queued issues to the top pertaining to racial equality, and the organization has deemed taking a stand on I-502 since the start of the year, stated Gould.

Gould stated the projected $550 million per year in new tax earnings produced by I-502 wasn’t an issue in the Alliance’s support. He stated the Alliance thinks that smoking blunts amongst teens can reduced by prevention techniques, which includes all those which lowered tobacco smoking by teens. “Through that, all of us determined that proper public communications and limitations on marketing, along with other interventions, can reduce adolescent use without criminalizing adult behaviour.”

Growing up in a world where your you think your elders have all the wisdom – teachers, parents, police men, politicians have all said that drugs are the worst things on Earth. This cultivated ideas of drug-dealing kingpins in movies such as Scarface and Friday has long been engrained in my head as a kid. Guns, liquor, rapists and high-fructose corn syrup are much safer than pot. If you see a marijuana plant growing from the ground next to a pedophile offering candy, societies’ reasoning dictates getting candy from the pedophile is a safer bet. Sure the innocence is lost with the pedophile, but hey…the vile marijuana plant has not claimed another soul. Reasoning still questioned to this day why marijuana is such a vilified plant.

It was engrained that marijuana was a horrific drug to use – much worse than crack, heroin, cocaine, meth and ecstasy. Stories and news portrayed children getting caught for smoking cannabis with all drug use ending up in police hands. As the years progressed and upon further knowledge about marijuana, intelligent kids would be showing up to class before a hard test with the skunk-like, pungent aroma of the marijuana plant still mixed in with their cheap cologne and perfumes. Marijuana was considered an evil drug – and to see how popular this plant was among bright peers and colleagues was baffling.

With so many stories of more friends ‘jumping down the rabbi hole’ of the dark-side of cannabis use has changed my perspective of the therapeutic and holistic marijuana plant. To see colleagues that smoke weed everyday and function as doctors, lawyers, chefs, engineers and programmers has swayed this medical marijuana patients vote for a comprehensive marijuana policy. Apparently all the lies told by elders, movies and commercials have steered clear of the truth with their pothead stereotypes drastically different from the realistic stoner. It wasn’t about marijuana, and it was more about who they were as a person. Obama and John Stewart smoked pot and we don’t vilify them – perhaps if they were degenerates, then a point would be made about the cannabis use.

American marijuana laws have yet to be successful. Marijuana can be seen in all facets of the country with added efforts to control cannabis consumption having little to no hope of achieving anything at all helpful. At this time, an expanded attempt for marijuana policy reform is in dire need – with step one being: re-evaluating the potential benefits of marijuana and how harmful it really is minus the government propaganda. How about taking away some of the heat towards marijuana and re-allocate them to a more harmful-known drug i.e.: heroin and meth.

This is a long and arduous task to completely alter the rules behind marijuana, that have been so longed vilified. How about the 1st step in evolving as a people is to squash the negative stigma that is all around marijuana and to overcome its antiquated and biased views.

Cancer has long afflicted mankind with the cure feeling a long ways off, yet one young and hungry biologist in Spain discovered an organic plant coming from the womb of Mother Nature with a potential of promise at reducing the fatal disease. And yes, it’s that very evil plant that the United States D.E.A. has deemed to be at the top of the Mount Everest of controlled substances – Cannabis. This holistic plant is classified on the same level with Heroin and is deemed worse than crack. Yes, crack. Biologist Cristina Sanchez discovered that brain cancer cells that were aggressive died each time they had to face tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); the main psychoactive chemical ingredient found in the cannabis plant in addition to a bevy of other cannabinoids.

This discovery wasn’t last week, but it occurred back in 1998. And after that, cultivating research and evidence all around the planet has agreed that cannabis displays major potential for inhibiting the spread of cancer cells – perhaps inferring that it directly attacks tumor growths – in addition to help managing numerous cancer symptoms which includes severe pain, fatigue, loss of appetite and nausea.

Research back in 2007 also discovered that cannabidiol (CBD), a part of the cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive is quite a strong inhibitor of breast cancer cell growth, tumor growth and metastasis. The biologist states that cannabidiol may also provide “hope of a non-toxic treatment which may cure extreme types of cancer without any of the agonizing side effects of chemotherapy.”

With all of this on the table, there’s no wonder why experts believe cannabinoids “symbolize a whole new class of anti-cancer drugs.” Why then is the D.E.A. so hungry for the banishment of medical marijuana dispensaries providing medicine to their terminally-ill cannabis patients. Perhaps that ◄— Big Pharma is having a little problem controlling, synthesizing and patenting the green plant – and their bloodlust for money is out-weighing the cultivation of organic, natural, side-effects free cancer remedy. If that’s true, it wouldn’t be shocking to the medical marijuana community.

Weed Not Greed: Shades of Green Tour Vows for Marijuana Legalization

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“This will certainly be the most significant journey to help make marijuana legal and will possess a remarkable impact on the folks of Florida,” states David Kowalsky

Today is the moment to let your voice be listened to in regards to the subject of legalizing cannabis within the State of Florida. The Weed Not Greed Shades of Green Tour is going to be making its way across the state and will pay a visit to twelve cities within a 16 day span. The tour intends to leave from sunny Sarasota Beach and is going to be present at Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach Florida with its ultimate destination which will be Fantasy Fest in Key West on October 26 through the 28th.

The tour’s goal is to allow the “People’s Voices” become listened to that “we desire Cannabis made legal!”  The Weed Not Greed Shades of Green Tour is going to be getting the news out about medical marijuana legalization, to ensure that individuals will realize the benefits about medical pot rather than see it as merely another illegal drug. The tour is definitely the voice for anyone who are not able to or won’t advocate on their own. Nevertheless, the Weed Not Greed Tour desires assistance from the medical marijuana community and still is looking for a tour sponsor.

The Tampa, FL-based Cannabis Information Network is the motivator driving this state-broad tour and had been motivated by David Kowalsky (the creator) and Nydia Carter (the director) whom think that cannabis has genuine medicinal benefits along with economic and agricultural beliefs and that it ought to be legal under state and federal law.

Kowalsky stated, “This stands out as the most significant tour to get pot legalized and will have a very unforgettable impact on the folks of Florida. We are able to assist every person inside Florida not just realize medicinal cannabis yet allow it to be legal using the Weed Not Greed Shades of Green Tour. Everyone will need to be aware that cannabis doesn’t deserve the unhealthy reputation it’s got. It’s a therapeutic, holistic plant born from the womb of the Earth and should be taken care of as such.

Former Cop Hates Cannabis Yet In Favor of Marijuana Legalization

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The medical marijuana industries fight in legalization of cannabis has been a long and arduous road that many have lost their lives in pursuit of justice and equality. Medical pot collectives have operated legally in California for many years and just recently, the Atlantic believed that marijuana legalization could be the secret weapon for President Obama to ensure victory in the upcoming election.

A user of the website Quora not too long ago questioned police authorities what their views about the ongoing struggles of having marijuana as a legalized substance. Justin Freeman had one of the more interesting answers, who served as a patrol office and has left the trade to become a sitting pastor. For the purpose of the question, the current pastor stated that all his answers to these drug charges related questions pertain to “illegal drugs normally purchased in the back allies of dark streets.”

Being raised on a rural farm, Freeman refers to himself as a “profoundly conflicted individual” who attended a university in the city limits where he experimented with cannabis along with fellow schoolmates, and after graduation moved out to the bright lights of the big city before removing to a tiny city. Even though his insistence that all answers pertained to “harder” drugs, Freeman laid waste on cannabis and attacked it on all fronts.

“I hate marijuana and everything that is inclusive with the cannabis plant. Besides Methamphetamine, the marijuana plant has got to be, on par, the nastiest drug on the black market streets,” the ex-cop said on Quora.  “If you purchase from the standard sleazy, low-rent drug dealer, it’s almost assured that your marijuana has touched the inside of a sock.”

…With all the hatred geared towards the medically proven marijuana plant that has medicinal qualities, the anti-marijuana cop would actually have the cannabis plant legalized.

“However, if I had a policy-making throw switch, I would personally have marijuana legalized and taxed while being regulated” wrote Freeman. “Cannabis for medical use and yes…also for recreational use as well. But let’s skip the charade of fake glaucoma and Generalized Anxiety Disorder epidemics.” Continuing his rant about the organic plant, Freeman believes that using tax-payer money to pursue marijuana-related offenses is a “monumental waste” and misallocation of government resources. A cop that hates marijuana even knows how much tax revenue could be gained from the legalization of marijuana – serving the general public.

A Medical Marijuana Patient’s Crusade To Legalize Cannabis

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A medical marijuana patient lay in his bed, cringing in pain due to complications from his battle with AIDS. Ryan Landers is stricken with chronic pain from a direct result due to the advanced-stages of the rehabilitating disease. As he lay in his bed with the pain unbearable, Landers reaches over for the only remedy that alleviates his pain – sweet mary jane. You see, this cannabis patient does not have the resources of other wealth families that can use the most expensive medicines and best tools to combat AIDS. People like Magic Johnson can afford all the bells and whistles of modern day medicine; Landers is only left with medical marijuana which serves him just fine.

With a grim diagnosis, the dying AID’s patient says “I’m looking at my life through terminal eyes.” This patient with a state issued medical marijuana card was the public face for California’s Proposition 215 campaign – the measure to legalize medical cannabis allowing patients to access their medication at regulated medical pot collectives. Landers said that if he didn’t have the access to medical marijuana, he surely would be dead. The medicinal plant alleviated his nausea so he was able to eat; marijuana has the ability to stimulate appetite to cancer and AIDS patients in need of assistance for hunger. With all the attacks on the 420 community and his fellow patients, he still remains active for the cause of helping the medical marijuana movement. He states, “I can’t stop fighting until my fellow comrades are safe from the tyranny.”

With the pain almost unbearable to deal with, Landers has to painfully pull himself out of his bed to visit a Crusaders for Patients Rights meeting – with his cat being there for morale support. The AIDS patient turned into marijuana activism after he was diagnosed with the illness. “I understand I had to lose every thing. I acknowledged dying and at that time I understood I was either likely to go to imprisonment and perish sooner, or I’d make a hell of a lot of difference.”

The rich have their expensive treatments to combat AIDS and cancer. Mitt Romney’s wife even has a horse for dressage to help her deal with multiple sclerosis. The average, middle-class patient only has cannabis. If people had the money for outrageous treatments, there would be ponies and extravagant prescription pills for all. The reality is 99% of patients don’t have the resources of the 1%.