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Elevate 420Veyo, UT  (MJbizwire) September 10, 2014

Ecologist James P. McMahon has been developing water filtration systems for more than 10 years and worked on water quality and river restorations for ten years prior to that. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, McMahon has ventured into a new sector of the water filtration industry – developing purification systems that provide optimum water quality for growing marijuana plants.

McMahon’s company, Elevate 420, specializes in providing water purification systems to home, retail and wholesale marijuana growers. Each are designed with the science of marijuana growing in mind. McMahon designed the Bud Booster™ water filter specifically for home and retail marijuana growers.

“Growers interested in producing large, healthy buds really must eliminate toxins like fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine in the water they use to grow,” McMahon said. His Bud Booster water filters do just that. “The Bud Booster water filter is the best filter for growing marijuana in locations where total dissolved solids are 300 parts per million or less,” he said.

McMahon recently spent extensive time in Denver, Colo., analyzing growing conditions and learning what growers are using for water filtration.

2-2-2 filter designed for growing MARIJUANA

“What I saw in Denver is that very few growers were taking into consideration that chloramine and fluoride need to be removed from the water because they can inhibit bud growth,” McMahon said. “The fluoride in municipal water systems is known to interfere with phosphorous uptake,” McMahon said.

According to Matt Bickel, senior grower at LoDo Wellness Center, a medical and recreational dispensary in Denver, “Fluoride in water causes the lockout of phosphorus which is the key ingredient to growing big buds.” Additionally, “There really is a benefit (to using the right water filter) because a grower will typically recuperate the cost in one harvest if the rest of the garden is functioning properly,” Bickel said.

In his work as a scientist, McMahon learned to match the water treatment method to the actual contaminants present in the water being treated. This results in the most effective treatment and the healthiest water. “Using appropriately filtered water means healthy, vigorous plants that reach maximum bud size and potency,” McMahon said.

For more information about Elevate 420 or the Bud Booster water filtration system, contact Jim at or visit Photos available upon request.

James McMahon

Marijuana Press ReleasesPhoenix, AZ (MJbizwire) September 2, 2014, the world’s first press release distribution and publication service exclusively for the marijuana industry has launched.

The rapid growth of the marijuana industry (medical and recreational) has created a demand for an effective, inexpensive, and reliable system to promote information about the products and services offered by marijuana industry businesses. MJbizwire’s press release distribution and publication services provide these businesses with such a system.

“All businesses should publish press releases on a regular basis as a way to promote products, services, events, or anything noteworthy to the world at a low, one-time cost. They also help businesses to easily stay connected with their customer base. The press releases distributed via can be picked up and republished by a number of leading marijuana industry publications, as well as by other major news websites, newspapers, and magazines” said Dan Kingston, President of MJbizwire.

MJbizwire is continually building partnerships with prominent marijuana industry websites and magazines, as well as with major media publications that can republish the press releases distributed via MJbizwire. Furthermore, journalists often use press releases to find information when researching marijuana-related news stories or when searching for topics and companies to feature in marijuana-related news articles.

Businesses can choose from a few different distribution pricing plans on, including a free distribution plan. Corporate accounts are also available for businesses that want to submit multiple press releases each month. To learn more, visit

Dan Kingston


Pot JobsPhoenix, AZ (MJbizwire) August 25, 2014

The marijuana industry’s premier job website, (, has been featured in the newest issue of High Times magazine in an article titled “The Booming Business of Buds.”

“The marijuana industry is one of the few industries in the US that is creating huge quantities of job opportunities. Hundreds, if not thousands, of marijuana-related jobs will be created in Washington state and other states that legalize marijuana for medical and/or recreational use. Businesses are in need of qualified, law-abiding employees to work in the marijuana industry,” stated Dan Kingston, president and co-founder of provides a free place for job-seekers to browse and apply for marijuana industry jobs as well as a free place where marijuana-related businesses can post available jobs and/or browse job-seekers’ resumes for qualified personnel. For only $25, businesses can upgrade their job posting with a Featured Job Listing that is displayed and highlighted near the top of’s homepage.

Popular marijuana jobs offered on range from marijuana writers to advertising sales people, budtenders to cultivation experts, security to administrative positions, and more. Currently, marijuana jobs are in the highest demand in Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona, where the marijuana industries are booming. East coast states such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Florida and others are gaining momentum as pro-marijuana laws begin to be implemented. is owned and operated by Hemp American Media Group (

Dan Kingston

FL MMJ Business SeminarsFort Lauderdale, Florida ( August 13, 2014

Florida MMJ Seminars, the leading group in education and business seminars in the Medical Marijuana industry today announced its collaboration with HighDrive Digital Group, the leader in marketing for the Medical Marijuana Industry. They present the first seminar in Florida to educate on the benefits and science of medical marijuana and the importance of voting “YES” on Amendment 2 to make it more accessible to patients in need.

There is more than 150 years of combined experience of educators at the seminar and it is a must attend for everyone who will be involved in the medical marijuana industry – doctors, lawyers, nurses, educators, and entrepreneurs. Growing medical marijuana can be very lucrative, and there are only a couple of hundred seats available for the seminars.

Florida is experiencing a huge demand for the cannabinoid medical treatment, considering that it is the largest homestead for baby boomers and holistic medical centers. The FL Veterans Affairs department is one of the largest in the country with over 1.5 million veterans residing and many in need of the medical marijuana treatment. The topics covered in the seminars will be invaluable to potential patients, clients, business partners and medical professionals:

  • The role of Endocannabinoid System in the medical treatment
  • Potential use of cannabinoids and a general overview of the history, licensing, and Charlotte’s Webb
  • Proposed Florida law guidelines and business growth
  • Economics of dispensaries, grows, security systems and holistic treatments
  • How to prepare for the business side of the medical marijuana industry


Doctors, lawyers, coalition leaders and top experts in the medical marijuana field. Tom Ryan, who is a Florida attorney with expertise in the legal and business side of the medical marijuana industry gained in Colorado, Arizona and California, will be among the top professionals from all over the country.


On November 4, 2014 the citizens of Florida will vote on Amendment 2 to allow all medicinal strains to be recommended by doctors. These seminars provide the latest and most accurate information for voters and those interested in becoming involved in the industry.

Florida MMJ Seminars that takes a high level approach on educating why the Medical Marijuana is so important to the health and well-being of our society. High Drive Digital Group is an Advertising and Marketing firm specializing in creating and promoting Seminars, Expositions and Educational Events.

Media Contact:
David Mitchell
561-266-0845 ext. 124

Dab KitsSeattle, WA ( August 8, 2014

Dab Kits, the up-and-coming retailer of premium wax vaporizers, has just reached a partnership agreement with AlderEgo Wholesale, a direct store merchandiser for the medical and recreational marijuana industry. Under the new agreement, AlderEgo will now distribute Dab Kits’ line of high-end cannabis vaporizers to dispensaries and collectives across the state of Washington.

The partnership with AlderEgo will enable Dab Kits to distribute their product faster and on a wider scale than ever before, driving revenue and brand awareness for the company. And, with the rising demand in the industry for high-quality, affordable marijuana vaporizers, there is an obvious advantage to working with a direct store merchandiser like AlderEgo.

Dab Kits co-founder, Matt Cheatle, described the partnership as a “perfect fit”.

“We are thrilled to partner with a distributor of AlderEgo’s caliber,” Cheatle said. “AlderEgo’s unparalleled logistics capabilities, commitment to quality, and reputation for only carrying the best brands make them an ideal match for both Dab Kits and our customers.”

Dab Kits sought to expand its distribution network for some time, but was determined to find a solution that wouldn’t jeopardize the high quality of customer service that has become associated with their company’s name. AlderEgo’s superior distribution and account management seemed to be the perfect solution.

AlderEgo, who works with many of the most popular and reputable collectives in Washington, prides themselves on the diverse and carefully selected brands they work with.

“We were very hesitant to enter the vaporizer market because we saw how saturated it had already become,” said Jonathan Carfield, founder of AlderEgo. “However, Dab Kits was a good compliment to our already amazing collection of brands. Their commitment to innovation, sleek design and premium branding set them apart from the majority of brands we evaluated.”

With more and more legal recreational marijuana dispensaries beginning to open their doors in Washington state, business for both Dab Kits and AlderEgo has great potential for growth. Demand for Dab Kits’ premium marijuana vaporizers from both large dispensaries and individual customers will only continue to rise.

About Dab Kits:

Dab Kits is a Seattle-based retailer dedicated to providing people with dependable, premium wax vaporizers at an affordable price. The company was founded in 2013 on the principals of performance and reliability. Committed to the satisfaction of their customers, Dab Kits utilizes cutting-edge technology to design and manufacture portable vaporizers intended for use with essential oils and waxes. To learn more about Dab Kits, visit their website at

About AlderEgo Wholesale:

AlderEgo is a Washington-based company that has become one of the fastest-growing direct store merchandisers for the medical and recreational marijuana lifestyle industry. AlderEgo currently works with some of the most popular and reputable collective owners throughout Tacoma, Olympia, Puyallup and Seattle. By combining a careful selection of premium products, competitive pricing, and a winning distribution and account management model, AlderEgo continues to distinguish themselves as a one of the best suppliers of non-medicated products for the marijuana industry. To learn more about AlderEgo, visit

Media Contact
Matt Cheatle

Ms Mary StaffingDenver, CO ( August 8, 2014

Ms. Mary Staffing LLC, a full-service staffing agency for the marijuana and hemp industries, has officially launched a much needed payroll solution using what’s commonly referred to as a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) co-employment model. All HR responsibilities are outsourced to the PEO company, Ms. Mary Staffing, while the client company continues to direct the day to day operations of the business. This allows business owners to focus on the growth and operations of their business while Ms. Mary’s assumes responsibilities for administrative tasks such as payroll and payroll tax management, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, employee benefits, and recruiting and hiring. More information about Ms. Mary’s PEO solutions and a Free Quote visit

With recent news of the IRS fining marijuana businesses a 10 percent penalty fee for paying Federal withholding taxes in cash this couldn’t come at a better time. The IRS requires all businesses to pay quarterly tax by bank wire which has become difficult for hundreds of medical and recreational marijuana businesses that are unable to obtain banking services.

“There are enough risks evolved in running a business in this industry,” stated Stephen Sullivan, President of Ms. Mary Staffing LLC. “Having to pay out your employees’ payroll and payroll taxes in cash shouldn’t be one of them.”

Ms. Mary’s has partnered with several insurance brokers and consulting agencies in the industry, such as American Cannabis Company, to offer a HR and staffing solutions to their clients. Insurance brokers, real estate agents, and consulting agencies with clients in the medical and recreational marijuana industry that are interested in offering the services provided by Ms. Mary Staffing should contact them at

Stephen Sullivan
(720) 633-9728

Marijuana JobsPhoenix, AZ ( July 11, 2014 (, the marijuana industry’s premier job board website, has reached out to Mike Boyer, the first Washington state citizen to purchase recreational marijuana and to get fired for using recreational marijuana, find a new job in the marijuana industry.

Boyer was the first person to purchase recreational marijuana in Washington’s new marijuana industry and was fired hours later after his employer recognized him on multiple TV stations that aired interviews of him and the historic moment.

Boyer said he’s “been officially terminated for violation of the drug use policy,” but that he hopes he can “spin this and get a job in the marijuana industry… It’s a new industry, they need qualified people.”

“The marijuana industry is one of the few industries creating large quantities of job opportunities in the US, and businesses are in need of qualified, law-abiding employees like Mr. Boyer. More than 10,000 marijuana industry jobs have been created in Colorado alone. And hundreds, if not thousands, of more jobs will be created in Washington and other states that legalize marijuana for medical and/or recreational use,” stated Dan Kingston, President of

Currently trending marijuana jobs offered on ( range from marijuana writers to advertising sales people, budtenders to cultivation experts, security to administrative positions, and more. Presently, marijuana jobs are in the highest demand in Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona, where the marijuana industries are booming. is the premier marijuana industry job board website. It provides a place for job-seekers to browse and directly apply for marijuana industry jobs. Marijuana-related businesses can freely post their available jobs for job-seekers to find. Businesses can also upgrade their job posting(s) with a Featured Job listing that is displayed and highlighted on’s homepage, for only $25. is owned and operated by Hemp American Media Group (

Superstar Vapor PenFountain Hills, AZ (MJbizwire) July 3, 2014

ML Capital Group, Inc. (OTCMarkets & OTCBB: MLCG) is pleased to announce the progress it has made from the commercial launch of its SuperStar Vapor Pen product line.

ML Capital Group received its first commercial shipment of its SuperStar Vapor Pens last month and immediately started to ship units on both a direct basis, and through its various distributors. In conjunction with the commercial launch of the SuperStar Vapor Pen – the Company also launched its new ecommerce website at

The Company has embarked upon an aggressive marketing and sales campaign to place its SuperStar Vapor Pen product line in as many locations as possible, as well as to establish several sales and distribution relationships. Currently, the Company is excited to announce that they have received orders from and are in negotiations with over twenty (20) dispensaries and smoke shops in 5 different states, including Arizona, New York, New Hampshire, Colorado, and California. Some of the locations currently carrying the Company’s vapor pens are Planet Zong! Smoke Shop (Glendale, AZ), Nature’s Medicines (Fountain Hills, AZ Dispensary), Head West Smoke Shop (Tucson, AZ), Classy Smoke & Cigars (Scottsdale, AZ) and Nature’s Medicine (Phoenix, AZ), to name a few.

Mrs. Lisa Nelson, the Company’s President, stated “its great to see that our efforts are finally bearing fruit and how responsive the market has been with our SuperStar Vapor Pen product line. As each week passes, we establish more relationships and locations where we can sell our products which makes us  highly confident in the Company’s growth and the SuperStar brand becoming nationally recognized.

The Company also has met with several industry professionals and executives to expand upon its network within the medical marijuana industry and to add new members to its Advisory Board and/or Board of Directors.

About ML Capital Group, Inc.:

ML Capital Group, Inc.’s primary business consists of producing products and providing services that support the medical marijuana industry and enhances the lives of the patients that have turned to medical marijuana/cannabis to manage their various ailments. The Company is currently producing and marketing its products and services under the SuperStar brand name, including vapor pens, mobile applications, and books. The focus of the Company to sell products and services that does not include the growing, manufacture, or distribution of medical marijuana, cannabis, or cannabis by-products places it as one of the safest types of companies in the medical marijuana industry.

ML Capital Group’s stock is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board and OTC Markets where it is listed in the QB marketplace as a current reporting company. You can access the Company’s stock quote directly from OTC Markets at To find out more information on the Company, visit its website at

Safe Harbor Statement:

This update includes forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements generally can be identified by phrases such as “believes,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “foresees,” “forecasts,” “estimates” or other words or phrases of similar import. Similarly, statements herein that describe the Company’s business strategy, outlook, objectives, plans, intentions or goals also are forward-looking statements. All such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements.

Investor Relations Contact:

Stuart T. Smith

Dispensary MobileDenver, CO (MJbizwire) May 27, 2014

Legal marijuana dispensaries are notoriously plagued by problems of customer retention. A new mobile app from addresses this problem with a one of a kind solution.

Medical marijuana dispensaries almost universally are facing problems of high turnover customer loyalty and patient retention. The highly competitive field finds different dispensaries often engaged in price wars involving coupons, deep discounts and other tactics which make it easy for customers to jump from dispensary to dispensary. Dispensary Mobile has approached this problem with a unique solution – a new iPhone and Android app that makes staying connected with customers, keeping their loyalty and increasing profits all much simpler and easy.

“The main way to keep customers from being lured away in our industry is to stay connected,” commented Nash Ryker, a partner in the company. “Our app offers all the perks and conveniences that consumers are looking for in a mobile app, such as a live menu and coupons, but without exposing your patients to all your competitor’s deals and ads every time they use it. Which is what’s happening on the popular mobile apps their using now, such as WeedMaps and Leafly.”

The mobile app makes delivering and redeeming exclusive mobile specials quick and easy in an innovative way designed to enhance the patient’s cannabis shopping experience. Since the service is offered as white-label, it will be branded uniquely to each dispensary and will save them the $15k+ it would normally cost to develop a similar app on their own.

In this ever-connected digital internet-age we live in, modern cannabis consumers expect mobile connectivity, and that’s exactly what the app provides. After all, a successful dispensary needs to think outside of the box to retain customers and keep them coming back over the long-term if they hope to prosper and be successful in a market that is sure to become more competitive as time goes on.

Demos are being offered at and so far the app has been quick to receive an enthusiastic response.

Tom J., from California recently said, “Our MMj collective and delivery service is in a very competitive area. Maybe the most competitive in our state if not the country. After looking into the Dispensary Mobile app I know this going to be hugely useful and will change the way our business model works for the better. I tip my hat to the developers for a job well done.”

For more information or to request a demo visit