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Find all Arizona medical marijuana doctors via the links below. Contact each doctor office to inquire about current discounts and to see if you qualify for medical marijuana in Arizona.

List of Arizona medical marijuana doctors:

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Learn how to get a medical marijuana card.
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Bill Montgomery

Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery and Arizona attorney Mark Victor debate marijuana legalization. But during the debate a Vietnam veteran expresses that he is a medical marijuana patient and recreational marijuana user and Montgomery responds by publicly belittling and shaming the veteran.

Montgomery (who is also a veteran) asks the veteran and medical marijuana patient if he also uses marijuana recreationally. The vet responds by saying “yes.” Montgomery then responds by telling the veteran that he “has no respect for [him]” and that he is an “enemy” of the United States because he uses marijuana.

Watch video here. (The incident occurs between 1 hour and 2 minutes to 1 hour and 5 minutes.)

Bill Montgomery is one of Arizona’s most notorious anti-marijuana advocates. And after this incident, he will likely be despised by most U.S. military veterans across the country for publicly disgracing a veteran.

E Joint

There are many ways to ingest medical marijuana and each has its pro’s and con’s. Some folks swear by their edibles while others prefer the tried and true approach to medical marijuana: just plain smoking it. But thanks to advances in science and tech, vaporizing marijuana is the new norm. In fact, next to dabs, vaping (inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device, which became Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2014) has become one of the most popular new ways for patients to medicate.

One of the many reasons people like using vape pens is that they’re typically odorless which makes it easy to use when you’re on the go. Some of the newer pens, like Slim Joint, are designed to look stylish and discreet and are available in regular and extra strengths, depending on one’s needs.

How E-Joints Work

Vaping e-cigarettes, which contain nicotine, is the catalyst that started the vaping trend. But now, you can vape good old marijuana too, getting the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids that you may require for health reasons.

When you inhale an e-joint, the tip glows, just like a real joint. But what you exhale is vastly different and more comparable to the mist that a fog machine creates. E-joints function on the same basic principle: a heating element known as an ‘atomizer’ heats up the fluid, turning it into a gas.

Many e-cigarettes are rechargeable, with refillable liquids that come in a variety of interesting flavors. The level of customization and variety of tastes have turned vaping into a popular hobby. But for medical marijuana patients, e-joints are more than just a tool for relaxation – they’re an important delivery method for medicine. And, just like there are many varieties of e-cigarettes there are many varieties of e-joints as well. There are also different strains available (including indicas, sativas and hybrids) and different flavors and methods of vaping.

Depending on the region or dispensary, there are a few options for vapes. Some dispensaries will process their marijuana into a psychoactive liquid that can be used in a personal vaporizer. Disposable e-joints are just like disposable e-cigarettes in that they require little maintenance or recharging batteries. Popular brands include the Juju Joint and the SlimJ. One major con is for environmentalists, as these e-joints are disposable, but many producers are working on programs to recycle the devices, especially as these devices grow in popularity.

Are E-Joints Safe?

There has been a fair amount of controversy in response to the safety of e-joints, especially in regards to health effects. Since users inhale a vapor instead of smoke, many believe it’s much safer. So far, the overwhelming consensus about e-cigarettes and vaping is that it’s far safer than inhaling smoke. The truth is, not enough research exists to be definitive, but according to WebMD, “So far, evidence suggests that e-cigarettes may be safer than regular cigarettes. The biggest danger from tobacco is the smoke, and e-cigarettes don’t burn. Tests show the levels of dangerous chemicals they give off are a fraction of what you’d get from a real cigarette. But what’s in them can vary.”

E-joints are a different matter entirely as none of the chemicals contained inside an e-joint are addictive. Plus, the cannabinoids inside are known by a wide scientific consensus to be helpful for certain conditions, including cancer, HIV, glaucoma, chronic pain, and many other conditions.

Medical marijuana patients are likely already familiar with which strains are best for their condition(s). But are e-joints right for patients? That’s a decision each patient will have to make on your own. Who knows, the result could be very positive.

Marijuana Patient

How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in AZ

To become a medical marijuana patient in Arizona a person must be:

18 years or older (or have your legal guardian registered as your caregiver)
– Must have a valid Arizona Driver’s License or Arizona Identification Card
– Must have an Arizona residential address
– Must have a minimum of one qualifying condition listed below:

  •      Cancer
  •      Glaucoma
  •      Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  •      Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  •      Hepatitis C
  •      Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  •      Crohn’s disease
  •      Agitation of Alzheimer’s disease
  •      A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or the treatment for a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that causes:
  •      Cachexia or wasting syndrome;
  •      Severe and chronic pain (e.g. arthritis, migraines, etc);
  •      Severe nausea;
  •      Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy;
  •      Severe or persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis
  •      Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

– Must have your medical records for at least the previous 12 months. Furthermore, those medical records must include the diagnosis of your qualifying medical condition.

If you meet the above criteria then schedule an appointment with a marijuana doctor office to get qualified to use medical marijuana. Once qualified, the person will receive a medical marijuana card in the mail. With the card they can purchase marijuana from any Arizona dispensary.

To learn more read: “How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card”

Will Humble ADHS

Will Humble, the director of the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), is stepping down on March 3 after 23 years working for the state.

“This has been an awesome job,” wrote Humble on the Arizona Department of Health Services’ Director’s Blog. He went on to mention: “Careers have a life cycle. Figuring out when it’s time to turn the page and move on to something else is a hard thing to do. That time has come for me.”

Humble has yet to name an interim or permanent director for the ADHS, but a decision is expected within a week.

Humble constantly fought against the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) during his time at the ADHS. Humble tried to make Arizona’s medical marijuana laws stricter and continually denied legitimate petitions to add qualifying conditions to the AMMA.

AZ Marijuana Law

Arizona Marijuana

Arizona Marijuana Industry Facts

Arizona’s medical marijuana industry has seen significant growth over the last few years, and it is predicted to continue to grow at a very rapid rate. Listed below are 7 Arizona marijuana industry statistics from 2014:

1. 85 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries were operating in Arizona as of Dec. 31, 2014.

2. Nearly $112 million of revenue was generated by Arizona’s medical marijuana industry (based on a steep estimate that the average dispensary price for medical marijuana was $350 an ounce).

3. There are more than 61,000 medical marijuana patients in Arizona.

4. Eleven cards were revoked, which included caregivers with multiple cards.

5. Female qualifying patients and caregivers were usually older than male qualifying patients and caregivers.

6. 18-30 year olds had the most dispensary transactions followed by 31-40 year olds and then 51-60
year olds.

7. 1,563 (approximately 2.5%) of the medical marijuana qualifying patients and 371 (approximately 58%) of caregivers were authorized to cultivate marijuana.

Learn how to get an Arizona medical marijuana card here.

View all Arizona dispensaries here.

Bhang Chocolate Bar | Fire

William Wallace

Bhang Chocolate Bar

Marijuana Edibles

If you love chocolate and marijuana then we know you’ll love Bhang Chocolate Bars!

Bhang Chocolate is a top producer for marijuana-infused chocolates (and other infused products too). Their chocolates are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant, made with 100% sustainable ingredients, and are tested by an independent lab for potentcy and safety.

We reviewed the Bhang Fire Chocolate Bar. And with out a doubt we can say it was delicious, potent and that we’ll be buying more of these from our favorite local dispensaries. The Fire Bar has a dark chocolate with orange and spice flavor to it and packs a punch with 200mg of THC. (We recommend consumers test smaller amounts till they know their tolerance level.)

Bhang Chocolates come in multiple strengths (50mg, 100mg, 200mg of THC) and flavors (Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Ice Chocolate, Cookies n’ Cream, and more) and range from about $16 – $32 at Arizona dispensaries.

Find Bhang products at Harvest of Tempe or at other Arizona dispensaries (contact your local dispensaries to inquire if they carry Bhang products.)

Marijuana Product Review

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William Wallace

New Arizona Dispensaries

New Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries have opened in Arizona within the last 30 days!

See if any of the dispensaries opened near you:

Learn how to get an Arizona medical marijuana card or renew a medical marijuana card.

View marijuana product reviews or current marijuana events.

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Legalize Marijuana USA

The marijuana movement is quickly expanding throughout the United States. Many states are discussing and/or implementing plans to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Here are the nine states most likely to legalize marijuana next:

Arizona: Efforts by local groups and major non-profits are expected to help get a recreational marijuana legalization law, similar to Colorado’s recreational marijuana laws, onto the November 2016 ballot.

New Mexico: Support for marijuana decriminalization has been strong and the issue of a regulated and taxed marijuana market is expected to go before state lawmakers in 2015.

California: Already has a medical marijuana program and will likely legalize marijuana for recreational purposes in 2016 with the help of marijuana advocating non-profits.

New York: The governor signed the Compassionate Care Act earlier this year and New York City has officially decriminalized marijuana (less than 25 grams). Recreational marijuana could be coming soon.

Florida: Amendment 2 missed by two percent in the 2014 general election, but the marijuana movement is expected to come back strong.

Maine: Measures to decriminalize marijuana were successful in recent years and supporters think the state could be the next to legalize for recreational use.

Massachusetts: Supporters are drafting an initiative just in case lawmakers do not make an effort to legalize marijuana in 2016.

Michigan: With decriminalization efforts successful, some believe the state could be the first Midwestern state to establish a recreational marijuana market.

Minnesota: The state has one of the most restrictive medical marijuana programs in the nation, but many supporters predict changes will be introduced soon.

Read more marijuana news