Marijuana and Pregnancy

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Marijuana patients in Colorado have seen a barrage of refer madness this month.  Pot isn’t good while driving, pot isn’t good for children, however the latest, pot is bad for pregnant women is the most outrageous because the refer madness now goes in utero to the unborn child.  The state of Colorado is again targeting Dr. Manuel De Jesus Aquino of Denver for prescribing medicinal cannabis to a pregnant women.  The state of Colorado according to Amendment 20 of the Colorado constitution has no right to impede the right of the doctor to prescribe medical marijuana, and no where in the constitutionally protect right to smoke pot are pregnant women excluded from medicating with cannabis.  This patient could have been planning ahead knowing the long back logs at the medical marijuana registry, so that she could visit a dispensary post-pardon for all we know.

Medical marijuana is a drug that should be considered first for pregnant women.  Studies have shown, that cannabis does not harm the mother or the unborn child: see this popular article.  The article points to 9 separate studies, one involving 12,000 subjects that show no negative effects what so ever from smoking marijuana and being pregnant.  As a father of 2 and friend to many female medical marijuana patients High Country Caregiver knows from experience that marijuana is very beneficial to a mother’s comfort during pregnancy.

As with any medical marijuana healing plan, do what works best for you and makes you feel better.  It’s perfectly safe to smoke marijuana while pregnant, and we speak from experience.  If you are concerned, you may consider a vaporizer or eating your medical marijuana.  High Country wishes all the pregnant mothers a happy, safe, comfortable Holidaze.  You can’t have the rum balls but you can have the ganja balls.

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