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Get an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

AZ Marijuana Card Renewal Guide


Renew your Arizona Marijuana Card

For a medical marijuana card renewal in Arizona, you will be required to submit similar information as was required in the original medical marijuana card application; however, there are several documents that must be renewed or current:

– You will need to obtain and submit a new current physician certification.
– You will need to obtain and submit a new current photograph.
– You will need to obtain and submit a new Patient Attestation Form signed and dated with the current date.
– You will need to obtain and submit current documentation of your SNAP eligibility. The document must indicate your first and last name.
– You may need to submit a copy of an identification card if your name has changed since your last application.

Marijuana doctors will assist you with the above processes.

Arizona Marijuana Card Renewal Fees

Per Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) R9-17-102, the fee for an Arizona marijuana card renewal application is the same as the original application fee. These are current marijuana card fees:

– Marijuana doctors usually provide their patients with a discounted rate for marijuana card renewals. Contact marijuana doctors to inquire.
– Qualifying Patient Application is $150
– Qualifying Patient Application that is eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is $75
– Minor Patient Application (includes caregiver) is $350 or $275 if SNAP eligible
– Designated Caregiver Application is $200 (for each application)

Find Marijuana Doctors to Assist You with Submitting Your Marijuana Card Renewal Application to the ADHS.

Submit Your Arizona Marijuana Card Renewal Application to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS).


Note: The expiration date listed on the right side of your registry identification card. Once the card renewal application system is available, you will not be able to renew your card more than 90 days prior to its expiration. If you do not renew your card prior to the expiration date listed on the card, your card will no longer be valid. If you choose not to renew your card and your card is allowed to expire, please note that your associated designated caregiver’s card will be voided. Any intent to renew after the expiration date will require a new application for both you and your designated caregiver.

If you renew your card prior to the expiration and have a designated caregiver, then your caregiver’s card is still active until his or her designated caregiver card’s expiration date.

To access the renewal application you will need to enter your first and last name and your current medical marijuana card number.

CLICK HERE for Marijuana Card Renewal Application Form


Marijuana Doctors in Arizona

- MARIJUANA DOCTORS: Trusted medical marijuana doctors (aka certification clinics or evaluation centers) can be found in the Doctor Directory.


Get Marijuana in Arizona

- MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES: All open, state licensed marijuana dispensaries can be found on the Dispensary Map.

- CAREGIVERS: The marijuana law in Arizona also allows patients to use a caregiver to grow and supply the patient with medical marijuana. There are many places to find a caregiver in Arizona, such as the, in the marijuana Forum, or in the free marijuana Classifieds.

- DELIVERY SERVICES AND OTHER PATIENTS: Patients are allowed to obtain medical marijuana from other patients. Patients who have extra medicine are even willing to deliver medicine to other patients. You can find a list of them in our marijuana Delivery Services directory or in our free marijuana classified ads.

GROW MARIJUANA: As a marijuana patient in Arizona, you have the option to grow your own marijuana. Each patient can grow up to 12 plants for themselves or can have a caregiver grow the 12 plants for them.

Learn how to: Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona