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Arizona 420 Festival is Canceled

Dan "Dank" Kingston

The Arizona 420 Festival has been canceled.

Marijuana Stocks Are Booming

Dan "Dank" Kingston

Marijuana stocks are booming! Some of these marijuana industry stocks are penny stocks, while others are trading above $50 a share!
Marijuana Stocks

Jon Stewart makes fun of Bill O’Reilly’s take on marijuana and texting.

Many states are implementing medical marijuana laws, and a few others are considering implementing recreational marijuana laws. This infographic map shows which states are considering legalizing marijuana.

Recreational Marijuana Adult Use

Grow Elite MarijuanaDo you want to learn how to professionally grow marijuana strains? If so, we have the perfect book for you.

Growing Elite Marijuana: The Complete Guide by Ryan Riley is the comprehensive electronic guide for growing amazing marijuana. Ryan Riley, a marijuana grower, medical marijuana connoisseur and teacher has spent years learning from the best growers on how to grow high-quality medical marijuana strains.

The amount of information incorporated into this eBook is substantial. It has in-depth information for beginners as well as advanced growing techniques and methods for even the most experienced marijuana growers.

The eBook has 12 chapters covering everything about marijuana growing: Marijuana Basics, Lighting, Cannabis, Growing Marijuana, Growing With Soil, Hydroponics, Cloning, Your Grow Area, Growing Outdoors, Cannabis Maintenance, Harvest, and Advanced Growing.

Get the guide: Growing Elite Marijuana: The Complete Guide



Watch CNN’s documentary “Weed 2″ by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent.



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