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Marijuana testing is typically very accurate and can help determine the quantity of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids in marijuana as well as if any toxins are in the marijuana. Testing can be much more in depth too. It’s best to contact testing labs to learn more.

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Who Do These People Represent?

Attorney Marc Victor

Arizona has an initiative process whereby citizens can get a proposition on the ballot for voters to approve. If the citizens approve the proposition, it becomes law. Elected officials are allegedly elected to “serve the people” they represent. It sounds great! However, in practice, things aren’t always as they appear.

When it comes to marijuana, some of our elected officials are confused about who they represent. When proposition 200 was passed in 1996, it deleted the prison option for first time marijuana users and mandated drug counseling instead. Despite the obvious common sense in the voter-approved initiative, the Arizona legislature effectively invalidated it. The voters had to effectively pass it again. Despite the drug war apologists’ warnings, the sky didn’t fall. Indeed, it has been good for Arizona, and it was a small step in the right direction.

This time, Arizona voters have approved medical marijuana. Despite this fact, it seems both Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery are doing everything they can to thwart the will of the very people they were elected to represent. Both of these elected officials, who have each loudly voiced their personal support for the failed war on drugs, have run to the courts in an attempt to apparently enforce their personal views rather than represent the will of the people.

Despite the will of the voters,

Marijuana for Migraines

The Botanical Guru

Marijuana For Migraines

Marijuana provides amazing relief from migraines.

The science is in and the evidence revealing! According to the Mayo clinic and other leading health experts, cannabinoids, the active medicinal ingredients in marijuana, have been shown to reduce chronic pain associated with a variety of conditions, such as debilitating, chronic and painful migraines. Marijuana’s potent cannabinoids have been used successfully in patients for whom other pain relief medications are not working. The fact is the active cannabinoids in marijuana exert their amazing effects on your central nervous system and immune cells.

A new study reveals cannabinoids improve

Marijuana for Back Relief

The Botanical Guru

Chronic Pain

Marijuana provides wonderful all-natural, non-addictive back pain relief.

Is marijuana your answer to chronic back pain? It could be, but first let’s look at the facts: Chronic back pain is a worldwide pandemic, especially in view of aging populations in the industrialized nations. It may shock you to learn that in Europe, chronic back pain of a disabling nature attacks more than 25% of seniors, while 50% of elderly Aussies down under suffer from persistent back and muscle pain, and up to 80% suffer chronic back pain in nursing homes. In 2005 ABC News did a US poll that revealed 38,000,000 adults suffer chronic pain, and 12,000,000 have used marijuana to treat this pain.

So how can marijuana help you manage your chronic back pain?

New scientific research which has discovered three interesting groups of cannabinoids in marijuana. The first is the

Marijuana for Anxiety

The Botanical Guru


Marijuana can provide anxiety and stress relief for some people.

Marijuana’s active ingredients are made of more than 60 beneficial plant nutrients called cannabinoids. As you may already know, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is best known for its psychoactive effects or overwhelming-sense-of-wellbeing it provides. However, there is another potent nutrient in marijuana called cannabidiol (CBD), which many leading researchers have discovered provides powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, without making people high.

New strains of marijuana are being developed to balance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). One strain of marijuana plant, named Avidekel, delivers less than 1% THC and has an increased concentration of 16% CBD.

New evidence, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology by a Brazilian team of researchers, verified treatments using cannabidiol (CBD) reduces symptoms of

Marijuana for Cancer

The Botanical Guru


Marijuana can stop cancer cells.

In September of 2012, NBC News reported that new studies by Scientists at California Pacific Medical Center revealed marijuana’s Cannabidiol (CBD) can “turn off” a gene that triggers several forms of cancer. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of sixty amazing active nutritional ingredients found in this noblest of herbs, called marijuana. As it turns out cannabidiol (CBD) is unique in that it has amazing health benefits, but doesn’t get people high like the whole marijuana plant does.

Leading scientists discovered this beneficial marijuana molecule can stop cancer cells from traveling to other tissues, preventing “metastasis” or the spreading of the cancer. Cutting edge research has found Cannabidiol (CBD) “turns off” a specific gene only found in the most aggressive types of cancers, such as

Marijuana for Pain

The Botanical Guru

Marijuana for Pain

Marijuana is has many health benefits for humans, one of which is pain relief.

If you suffer from back pain, migraines, cancer treatment pain, nausea, or other types of chronic pain, you may benefit from marijuana’s pain relieving properties.

New scientific research on marijuana and cannabinoids it as an effective pain relief alternative to dangerous pharmaceuticals. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and “synthetic marijuana” such as Marinol and Nabilone (Cesamet) are approved in many countries including the US, but not for pain management, yet. Why is that you ask? Because these impostor drugs simply don’t work as well against chronic pain and inflammation as the whole, natural marijuana plant does.

So as fate would have it, millions of people

It’s ironic how the US government states marijuana has absolutely no medicinal value, yet on the other hand it actually owns a synthetic version of marijuana’s cannabinoid molecule, as US Patent #6630507, in a shameless attempt to try corner the market on marijuana’s powerful antioxidant and neuroprotectant qualities.

Despite significant peer-review literature demonstrating the clinical value of marijuana’s cannabinoid-based therapies (CBD) in the treatment of many life threatening diseases, as well as the promise of medicinalization by the life science industry, U.S. policies regarding industrial cannabinoid research are much more restrictive than the regulatory environment in the European Union where it has been successfully used as medicine for more than a decade.

In fact the FDA demands only a “patented” drug can prevent treat or cure any disease, regardless of the real facts. Carlton Turner, the US Drug (czar) Advisor in 1981 made big promises to Big Pharma and their lobbyists during the 1980’s of to ensure all 400 compounds occurring in marijuana would be made illegal.

Truth is government protected medicine has declared a war against all natural competition, even if it means keeping proven cures form you and me. Did you know, you are born with natural cannabinoid molecules and cellular receptors already in your body? It’s true and that’s why they are trying to keep marijuana off the market- it would revolutionize health care because people could simply heal themselves.

When you consume marijuana cannabinoids, two natural substances are combined in your cells that destroy even cancer cells, without harming your body.

Bottom line is that miraculous healing benefits come from marijuana, are frankly, is the biggest competition Big Pharma has ever come up against. NBC News Reports that marijuana’s cannabidiol (CBD) “turns off” the cancer gene involved in metastasis. In other words, it “stops” cancer from growing! Plus, as it turns out, marijuana’s cannabidiol has none of the psychotropic effects of marijuana does in its whole, raw form.

Soon leading researchers plan to launch clinical trials on people, to document marijuana’s cannabidiol ability to slow, stop and cure cancer, because they already know marijuana literally prevents cancer cells from traveling and spreading to other tissues. In other words, marijuana keeps the cancer cells where they are and blocks their ability to spread to a new location. Researchers also found marijuana may have the same ability to stop leukemia, colorectal, pancreatic, lung, ovarian, brain and other cancers. It’s no wonder the US government has shamelessly attempted to corner the market on marijuana’s amazing medicinal benefits, thus protecting empirical medicine’s monopoly on treating and managing disease exclusively with synthetic, patented drugs.

Marijuana for Chronic Pain

The Botanical Guru

Marijuana is an extraordinary chronic pain killer and anti-inflammatory that helps chronic pain, back pain and joint pain to name a few.

It’s interesting to note that the majority of chronic disease is associated with

What is Kush

The Botanical Guru

Kush refers to a strain of marijuana, which originates in Afghanistan, North Pakistan and North Western India.

Kush is a subset of the genus species Cannabis Indica. The 500 mile Kush mountain range runs along the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. The highest point of the Hindu Kush, called the Kushan Pass is more than 25,000 feet above sea level and was once the center of the Kushan Empire in the 1st century BC.

Strains of this ancient wonder were brought to the US in