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Natural, Physical, and Herbal Therapies administered by a Compassionate, Bi-lingual (Spanish) Certified Nurse Assistant, and Physical Therapy Technician, trained in rehabilitation medicine therapies, and assisted by a Honorably Discharged Service-Connected Disabled Veteran trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Nutritional Wellness, as well as a Paralegal skills, and certified in both Social Security Disability Law, and Veterans Benefit Laws. Additionally, we offer both a MMJ Caregiver, and a MMJ Patient to Patient Service. We also have the ability to offer our patients Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS treatments, as well as Needless Electro-Acupuncture treatments.

WE OFFER A FREE CONSULTATION AND FREE DIAGNOSTIC SELF-ID TESTS to all our new patients. These tests allow patients to easily identify and state their symptoms.

Please Call to schedule your appointment today. (602) 430-5457. M-SA 10am - 8pm.

Take Care, God Bless, & Be Well! - RESTORED BY FAITH MINISTRIES