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: 720.304.5640
: All Arizona Cities
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: $1,234.56

My name is Boyd and I alone own Leif Alert LLC. I have over ten years experience, three of which involving the installation, servicing, and alarm monitoring of dispensaries and grow locations as required by state regulations.

I am a Medical Marijuana Patient, 38, husband, father, activist, and am the person who will actually install your alarm/camera systems. I will get it set up per what Arizona's Security Laws require, GUARANTEED !! I come from ADT and other companies so I know how to easily beat any competitors prices.

Of course, prices are based on each individual custom designed system that I will provide for you at no charge. The Quote.

I currently maintain over thirty accounts protecting Cannabis Grows and Dispensaries. If you would like to use someone on a more personal level who has first hand, everyday experience in the Cannabis industry, give me a call to set up a free quote. I hope cannabis has been a miracle in each of your lives. Thanks for your time.