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Medical Marijuana can be expensive and you may be limited in your funds to provide donations to obtain it. You can become an MCA Associate, which can provide discounts for other medical needs and help you earn an income at the same time.

MCA (Motor Club of America) has been a trusted company since 1926 and provides affordable benefits, coverage and peace of mind. You can reduce costs with the discounts offered by MCA for your other medical needs and increase the amount of money you need for Medical Marijuana.

You must maintain an active membership to be an associate and to have your coverage/discounts available to you. Membership is $40.00 (which pays for your first and last month of membership) and $20.00 each month thereafter.

You can easily sell memberships to others, earning $80.00 for each sale! Stop stressing about how to come up with money for the Medical Marijuana you need and get started today!

P.S. My husband uses Medical Marijuana for his crippling back pain. I am able to ensure he has more than the necessary funds by being an MCA Associate! In my first 2 days, with minimal promotion I made $178.00, turning my $40.00 into a $138.00 profit and you can too. Please contact Heather at 480-331-6654 for additional information.

Please be sure to provide accurate contact information if you have interest in learning more about this opportunity.