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: 623 208-3827
: Northwest Valley
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: $85.00

The very first dispensary was awarded their license as of yesterday (Thursday). Once open it is illegal for you to obtain your medicine from fellow patients or your caregiver if you are within 25 miles of Glendale. We find the 25 mile rule absurd and legal fights are underway. Simply put this creates a monopoly where the dispensaries will be the ONLY place you can obtain your medicine, and the greedy dispensary owners will be charging double of what you are currently spending for your medicine.

My wife and I and my brother have been cultivating for 12+ years legally, starting in Colorado. We offer our expert cultivating experience, the best genetics possible and the highest quality medicine most have ever experienced. We are located north of Wickenburg, so we can still legally provide patients with their medicine. Your travel will be required to meet us near Surprise.

We currently have room to accept 4 more patients. We are not drug dealers and will NEVER consider doing anything illegal, so please do not ask. If you have your AZ MMJ card in hand and are seeking the highest quality medicine and related products, please send us an email and we will accept 4 more patients.

Our donation requests are in direct relationship to our electric and fuel costs, not in direct relationship to the "cost" of the medicine, per the law. Dispensaries will be charging over $500 an ounce for the same top shelf, grade "A" medicine we constantly provide our patients for $300 an ounce.

Email us at Check out the reviews of our high quality medicine on this site and all the other sites in Arizona. We are honest, reliable and compassionate.

Please join NORML and other organizations to fight Arizona's 25 Mile Rule. Checkout FaceBook, No25MileRule page. Together we can defeat the greedy dispensary owners and end this ridiculous 25 Mile Rule.