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: 623-243-9176
: Phoenix
: $5.00

You should find some great females if you germinate (10) or more. If your looking for stable genetics that were not pollinated using hermed pollen then you found a good breeder!! And I have a huge stock available so no order is too big.

I have lemon skunk seed. They are [F2]. The genetics were crossed back to the original mother twice. You should find hybrids, indica dominate, and sativa dominate phenotype's. With the biggest growing ones usually being female. The lemon mother plant was sativa dominate from seed. It was originally named Black Jack and the genetics supposedly came from the Nirvana seed company. It has a heavy lemon taste and smell. (Yes it taste and smells like actual lemons.)

I also have tons of sour lemon seed. Which is a cross of sour bubba and my [F2] lemon skunk.

[F1] Male was a mexican skunk hybrid. Which seemed like the best place to start for stable genetics considering most of the commercial marijuana in Mexico is started from seed and grown outdoor in a climate similar to Arizona.

[F2] Male was a lemon skunk that flowered fast and was over 90% indica.