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Contact Simon
: Arizona
: $0.00

I am a patient with chornic pain and these are the meds I use. These are extras only Large quantities.


1/4 ounce - $110

1/2 ounce - $150

full ounce - $260

2.5 ounces - $500

I just moved back to Scottsdale from Los Angeles.

I understand that by contacting this person:

1) I am an Arizona resident age 18 or older.

2) I have a written recommendation for the use of medical cannabis from my doctor.

3) I am not a law enforcement officer of any kind, or operating under an assumed name or in cooperation with any criminal investigation; nor am I seeking out evidence which may serve as the basis for any charge of violating federal, state, or local laws.

4) I will not use the information provided for any non-medicinal purposes.

5) Anyone who uses the provided information for any purpose what so ever, will be assuming their own liability, and are responsible for their own actions.

6) This medicine will be consumed only by me and/or other Prop 203 patients.

*** This notice is intended for Arizona medical cannabis patients in accordance with Prop 203. This information is not intended for any other purpose illegal or otherwise. This is a legal advertisement for Medicinal Marijuana in compliance with Arizona Prop 203