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Contact Timothy Patterson
: 218-760-1555
: America
: $59.99

If your are seeking an entry level position in the Medical Marijuana Industry, or you are an Industry professional looking for an upgrade within, or out of the MMJ Industry, the Official MMJ Resume Service TM can provide you with a powerful and effective Resume uniquely crafted to allow you to advocate you!

Simply put, our resumes are artistically elegant yet sound and firm representation of your skills, employment, and character content designed to provide your potential employer with a clear and concise representation of your employment strenghts, while dually giving our client(s) a unique edge, confidence, and the empowerment necessary for an enjoyable, and successful employment search.

The Official MMJ Resume Service TM does not promise any employment from the purchase and use of our product(s). Results may vary from person to person. Please contact via this post for further information. Price includes shipping.