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Contact Green Steve
: 520-275-6558
: Tucson Area
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GREEN LEAF RELIEF is a small non-profit group of some of Southern Arizona's

most experienced medical marijuana growers.

Whether you are a patient or a Dispensary in Southern Arizona

who is getting ready to grow. We can help.

Need professional advice on designing top yield patient grow rooms?

or large dispensary grow facilities? Need to hire trusted construction pros that are

experienced patient/growers? Wondering how to set up and operate a

concentrate/edible facility? What type of equipment is best for your needs? Are your plans going to get you top yield per sq ft?

or are you going to experience what many growers here do?
Pests? Low Yield? Weak medicine? This is southern Arizona, not California or Colorado. We have high heat and low humidity. Cannabis does not grow well here. What's the best growing system for you? hydro? soil-less potting soil? airoponics?

We have experience designing and operating C.G.E. (closed growing environment)

grow facilities. Rooms designed as C.G.E. have no contact with outside air or AZs, extreme weather. This totally controlled environment means , No pests or bugs, No mold problems etc. Top yield per sq ft. and with such control over environment, you can actually have your "purple strains" come out purple instead of green.

We have in the past designed grow rooms as small as a closet and as large as a soon to opened, very large dispensary?grow facility in Phoenix area.

We are trusted Arizona MMJ Patients with pro skills in electrical, construction, design,
edibles, etc. For more information