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Contact Kevin Talley
: 480-835-1696
: Chandler
: $1.00

Design: During our consultation we gather the pertinent information for the job ahead; we do an onsite inspection and analysis of the grow area. We determine with the client what will be best and custom design your grow room area. We go over all the different system options to determine with the client what will work best. We will provide you with a comprehensive break down of all growing systems.

Build: A Wire One professional will be assigned to initiate the build out. All electrical and build outs are done to state code. Hydroponic equipment along with the system setup will be fully installed. Feel free to join the build out as well, for full hands on and self knowledge of the equipment yourself. The proper installation of your hydroponic equipment is essential to your grow rooms success. Many people make the mistake of buying all top of the line hydroponic equipment but not setting it up properly and therefore wasting time and money. Little tricks of the trade are huge in any industry but especially ours so the proper installation of your grow equipment is something that should be taken very seriously if you want to have a successful operation.

Electrical: We look at your power coming in and make sure you have what you need before you begin. Power is the number one concern for several reasons, you need to have enough available for maximum results for your grow room setup. An electrical system is designed and installed to support all of the equipment running in the room. Not all rooms will require a designated circuit but for those that do, this will be the time to install.

Discount Hydroponic Equipment: We compile a list of what you need and provide a secure delivery of grow room equipment. With so many options on the market today and new technologies emerging on a monthly basis, it is our job to stay abreast of current and future trends in indoor gardening/hydroponic equipment and pass that knowledge on to our clients. Wire One offers all equipment at a discount compared to what hydroponic stores typically charge and we offer nutrient knowledge necessary to complete a successful grow. Equiptment includes but is not limited to; lights, ballasts, trays, reservoirs, pots, fans, nutrients. Let’s start your grow room setup today.