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: $2,695.00

Dispensaries are a "cash only business" and need to count currency quickly and accurately! With Cummins-Allison's mixed currency (JetScan) counters, you can count your currency at speeds as high as 1,600 notes/bills per minute with 99.995+% accuracy. Count mixed currency WITHOUT pre-sorting by denominations. 9 out of 10 banks, 8 out of 10 armored car carriers, 99% of all casinos (in the U.S.), major retailers, law enforcement (for drug related seizures) all use Cummins-Allison money counting equipment in their operations. All equipment manufactured in Mt. Prospect, Illinois and sold by "factory direct representatives" in all 50 states. On-site service/maintenance provided by our own "factory direct service technicians". Your local Senior Sales Consultant in Arizona is Len Scaffidi and can be contacted at 602-995-1492. Call today for a no-obligation demonstration of the JetScan Currency Scanner and learn for yourself how it can help your with your currency handling.