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: $29.95


Growers are reporting great results by running their herb drying racks horizontally, making it easier to dry slowly and evenly, and minimizing damage to product by simply spinning the rack, and not turning it by hand.

A Herb Dryer Rack is a perfect addition to your trimming machine. You will be amazed how quickly you can trim your crop and having it drying. Imagine how much space you will save by drying your crops this way, what once took an entire room, can now easily fit in the corner or a closet.

The specs on the drying rack are as follows:

• Used to easily dry flowers and herbs
• Durable polyester netting
• Wire frames to make shelves
rigid and sturdy • Easy to use
• Weight Length Width Height
1.7lbs 25" 25" 1"

Height open is approx. 4'5" .