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Contact Matt
: 4804634020
: $1,650.00

I got my license to grow about 6 months ago so I bought a couple clones and all the equipment necessary to grow some of the most amazing buds I've ever seen. I harvested last month and have been enjoying ever since. Also bought a bunch of new toys so I could find the best way to consume such as vaporizers, hookahs, pipes, papers, wraps, etc. I spent a lot of money in the last 6 months on all new stuff to help me grow at every stage of the plants development using all methods of growth (hydroponics, aeroponics, bubblponics, and of course, soil) and to help me harvest, dry, store and finally, smoke the delicious fruits. Spent almost $3500 but I now have everything one would ever need from seed to smoke to create the most relaxing of experiences from start to finish.

I invested in all this because I need it as a patient and I enjoy the hobby that it's become. The problem, however, and also the reason why I'm selling it all, is that my job assigned me to a 2 year project overseas and they want me to start on April 15th. Kind of a bummer with my new found love of gardening and all, but the bump in pay they're offering me will help clear that up real quick.

Bottom line is I'm looking to sell everything I have which is a very long list so if someone's interested let me know and I'll start working on the list. Some of the more expensive items are as follows :
10" laptop with software and hardware that wirelessly controls all timers including lights, fans, exhaust, air in-flow, CO2, humidifiers, water pumps, air pumps (all included) - Access from anywhere in the world on internet or smartphone (including access to view your plant remotely using built in laptop camera and usb camera - both included)
420 watts of CFL's with various sockets for maximum light penetration on all sides.
Charcoal filter(only used during last 30 days of growth - still good for at least 2 or 3 more grows) with exhaust fan and 20' of vent tubing, 2nd fan included with 6' of vent tubing (used as an air in-flow)
2 month old vaporizer with and without bag - most parts unopened and never used.
2 month old portable handheld vaporizer in original box - 2 large cans of Butane included.
New blackout fabric with never used zipper that can self-adhere to the blackout fabric to create a light proof entrance to your grow room (awesome stuff).
All the nutritiants necessary to make the finest buds on earth (if you have your mmj license I will give you a free sample)
And lots lots more.

I'm ready to let go of everything for half of what I spent on it just to get a quick sale so if your seriously interested send me a message. Thanks!