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Contact Natalie
: 6024259243
: Phoenix
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Looking for patients who need homemade *Medical Hard Candy. Already work with 2 dispensaries and 2 caregivers, have a product that is well liked due to potency and taste. I make both "Jolly Rancher" type candies and suckers.

Value of each bag of "Jolly Ranchers" is $5 for 3 candies per bag for donation.

Value of each sucker is $8 - $10 for donation.

*Each bag of "Jolly Ranchers" is roughly 3 - 4 doses, and each sucker is roughly 5 doses.

We have 8 flavors currently available, but can make orders for special flavors upon request.

Current Flavors:






Cotton Candy

Mango Chili


*Note that the Medical Hardy Candy is made from scratch. We have a process in which not only is the candy made from the highest quality ingredients, but so is the tincture used to make our candy medically potent. All special orders have a waiting period based on size of order and flavors wanted. Call for more details to order now.

***Please note that we will only deal with Prop 203 Qualified MMJ AZ Card Holders.***