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Compassion Clubs in Arizona

Posted: Jul.13.11  |  Author:  |  Category: Dans Stash

Hey, YOU! Looking for a Compassion Club in Arizona? Join Arizona Compassion Clubs today! Read more…

So what happened to our vote in 2010 anyways? We won the vote by popular demand, so where are all the dispensaries? How do I get meds if I have a card?
For now, you need to find a caregiver in Arizona or a compassion club to receive Medical Marijuana [assuming you don’t grow it yourself as a patient]. Read below to learn more about the two…

So where does a marijuana card carrying member get meds safely?

Patients have a number of options:

Marijuana Compassion Clubs

Patients can join a Compassion Club. For those that are curious what a “Compassion Club” is; it is a social club. Like any other social club but this one is about marijuana. Whether you belong to a Softball team, a Car Club, a Runners Club, etc. It’s just people getting together that have the same interests. Compassion Clubs are for members that are legally verified patients and caregivers. Within these clubs, marijuana is typically donated and fees to be a part of the club are accepted upon entry.

Marijuana Delivery

Get marijuana delivered directly to your door. No, I’m not joking. There are patients and caregivers that have extra medicine in Arizona and are kind enough to donate it to other patients in need. Some, even willing to deliver the medicine. You can have marijuana delivered almost anywhere in Arizona.

Find a Marijuana Caregiver

You can try and find a caregiver. Some organizations like and help match patients with caregivers.

Marijuana Classified Ads

Also, recently launched a Find marijuana in Arizona section in the online classified section. All ads are FREE to post.

Marijuana Dispensaries

Unfortunately, the dispensaries are not open yet. Not to worry though, the first marijuana dispensaries in Arizona should be open by late summer 2012.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with caregivers and patients getting together to socially interact. Most clubs offer an entrance fee and you will receive FREE meds on your way out…wait a minute…this sounds familiar. I remember in High School, all the parties had FREE BEER but red plastic cups were $5 ;) We had to do it this way because we did not have a liquor license.

Compassion Clubs are just as shady as receiving donated meds from a caregiver; but it can be a bit safer in some cases. Compassion Clubs can offer a safe secluded area where all members are carded and you might even see private security; just so we don’t have another Phoenix caregiver shootout.

If cities were smart [like Scottsdale] they would embrace patients and realize that if they help keep us safe, we can ultimately see no violence. This is the most important part of public safety. Keeping the general public safe. If Compassion Clubs are harassed and shut down by the cops; more patients will be put in situations where their life and the public’s life is in danger. Other foreign black market products and sellers enter this way. This is a void Compassion Clubs can fill that keeps patients safe and on their way.

Scottsdale’s police spokesman, Sergeant Mark Clark, who said if someone is caught with 2 1/2 ounces or less of marijuana and has a valid state medical marijuana card, “the investigation stops there.” And Phoenix Sergeant Steve Martos, who said, “If you’re within the legal amount of whatever, you’re good to go. There’s no reason for us to do anything.” Would like to know their thoughts on Compassion Clubs.

Ok. Cool. Where do I find a Compassion Club? recently launched a Compassion Club section in the online classified section. All ads are FREE to post.
Stay safe and to my patients, get well, stay free, peace, love.