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HB 2349 - No Weed at School in ArizonaHB 2349 is a bill that has been introduced in Arizona that would prohibit medical marijuana card-holding patients from using medical marijuana on school campuses, including college campuses and community colleges. If this bill passes in its current form, thousands of patients that attend school will have to do so in discomfort without their meds.

I understand the lawmaker’s rationale: marijuana shouldn’t be used on high-school campuses, middle schools and other similar types of schools, but I don’t agree with them when it comes to colleges and universities. Who are the lawmakers trying to protect? And why should any adult be denied the use of their doctor-recommended medication, marijuana or not?

Most of the people that attend a college or university campus are adults. And I’m guessing that even the students that are under 18 are still mature enough to understand that when a patient lights up before class it is not for recreation, but to relieve serious pain or discomfort.

It seems like lighting up a bowl in the parking lot of the campus right before class would be the safest place for a patient to medicate. But it seems that the lawmakers in Arizona would prefer that patients get blazed at home and then drive to school while medicated. To me that doesn’t make much sense considering they hand out DUI’s in Arizona like they are parking tickets.

Can someone just let our lawmakers know that medical marijuana patients are not contagious and we won’t magically make the people around us pot-heads when we medicate?