Marijuana Tincture Review

Posted: Mar.19.12  |  Author:  |  Category: Dan's Stash

Marijuana TincturesMarijuana tinctures are the most overlooked and underappreciated form of medicating. That wasn’t always the case however. Up until when marijuana prohibition started in 1937, tinctures were the preferred method people would use medical cannabis.

If you are unfamiliar with tinctures, don’t worry, most people are. A marijuana tincture is made using alcohol or glycerin. You can learn how to make a marijuana tincture in our recipe section.

Recently we sampled some tinctures made by AzGrowPro and B Zo. For our reviews we sampled the tincture directly (putting it under our tongues) however I think all of these tinctures would make a great addition to almost any food, candy or beverage medible.

The tinctures we tried were varied in the marijuana strain used to make them and in the process that was used. The tincture from AzGrowPro was a vegetable glycerin and alcohol tincture made with OG Kush. B Zo had three different types of tinctures: Purple Urkle tincture, Blue Romulan and one called Oasis, all of which were vegetable glycerin tinctures. Check out our reviews in the Arizona marijuana reviews section or learn how to make marijuana tinctures.

We like tinctures because they are a convenient way to medicate. No smoke, no mess, just medication. These high-quality tinctures are sure to win the hearts of patients throughout Arizona. Let us know if you’ve found a tincture you enjoyed or if you have one you would like us to let the world know about.

You can find a marijuana caregiver or delivery service that carries marijuana tinctures in our marijuana delivery directory or marijuana caregiver directory.