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RIP: “Dan’s Favorite Pipe” 2008 – 2012

By:   |   Posted : Dec.03.12  |  In:  dans stash

Sad day. Started out like any other day. Alarm clock. Trusty pipe. Bowl of kush. Cup of joe. A loose grip and a tile floor do not mix well. Sniff sniff. Pipe was a member of the family. A real trooper – and my pipe always spoke the ‘Truth,’ and now she is gone and you will never be forgotten. Guess I’ll have to head out to some smoke shops and treat myself to an early Christmas gift. Really don’t feel like going outside though, just too damn sad…

Please post my Pipe’s picture anywhere you can and help raise awareness for accidental Pipe abuse. Don’t want to go on without you my friend; but I have to keep on keepin’ on.


Dan’s pipe from an earlier post about making Canna Butter – 08/14/11