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Tucson, AZ  August 13, 2014AllBud

Medical marijuana resource site is proud to announce the launch of their new comprehensive menu listings for dispensaries and MMJ retailers.

The “Budventory” Menus allow patients to see what treatment options are available at their favorite dispensaries and marijuana retailers. Patients can learn more about the products, compare pricing and explore the AllBud database of over 2,000 marijuana strains, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and other cannabis related products. The expansive “Other” category includes seeds, clones, accessories, devices and apparel, while advanced settings allow users to sort and filter based on multiple, specific criteria.

Kristin Winters, AllBud’s Vice President, said “Our primary goal is to ensure that patients are able to access the information they need to make informed decisions about the medical marijuana products. Because of that, we have made the business decision to keep all the basic menu listings free of charge for dispensaries.  Down the road, we’ll launch value added tools that dispensaries can choose to upgrade to above and beyond their basic listing.”

The interface for adding marijuana products into the menu has also been optimized for efficiency and ease of use.  Dispensaries can add a single edible in various flavors and pricing within one single entry, or include other optional fields like cross referencing against producer, strains or production method.

Since the feature is relatively new, only a few locations currently have menus live, but patients can submit requests for their favorite dispensary’s Budventory listings and all retailers are encouraged to take advantage of this free option.

Although the dispensary interface is optimized for ease of use, the AllBud team has put together a tutorial and is offering their team’s data-entry services to create the first menu for those who contact them prior to September 1st, 2014.

About AB Resources LLC:  Inspired by patient frustration with online resources, provides a comprehensive, and user friendly way to access information and listings on medical marijuana dispensaries, certifying doctors, strains, and state by state programs.  Each listing is reviewed for accuracy and quality standards. For More information please visit: