G13 Haze Medical MarijuanaIn honor of the 4th of July, we decided reviewed an American classic: G13. Specifically, G13 Haze from Budman/AZ Medical Bud…and it was amazing. REALLY amazing.

For those of you that don’t know, the legend behind G13 is that it was originally created and cultivated by the US government. To that we say: “Thank you Uncle Sam!” It is said that in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s the CIA, FBI, and other government agencies collected the best strains from around the world. At a top-secret installation at the University of Mississippi, they bred many new super hybrids. Allegedly, a single cutting of this plant was liberated by an unnamed technician and bred for the masses. The cut, G-13, was said to be the 13th, and one of the most potent, in a series of pure Afghani strains. Is it true? We would like to think so….The facts, however, provide no real evidence. Although cannabis researchers at the University of Mississippi did assemble a world-class cannabis collection during the late 1960s and early 1970s, there is no evidence that these researchers were ever involved in breeding high quality marijuana.

In any case, it seems every time we review a new strain in Arizona, the buds keep getting better and better. This is not our idea of a marketing scam. In fact, the medical marijuana in Arizona really does keep getting better and better. Marijuana growers in Arizona are producing some seriously dank medicine.

This G13 Haze was incredible. For those of you that like the “high” without feeling stoned or lazy, this is the bud for you. Although if you smoke too much (which is easy to do with this strain) you will be on your couch with for hours trying to figure out what the hell just happened to the day. It is incredibly strong!

We like to pride ourselves on having built up a tolerance to most strains, but this one wrecked us. The first time we sampled it, we made the mistake of smoking multiple bong rips (bad idea). One rip would have been plenty. In fact, one small bowl out of a pipe is more than enough for most patients. G13 Haze really is a one-hitter-quitter.

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