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This weekend reviewed an LA Confidential marijuana strain from Green Med Express, an Arizona delivery service. LA Confidential is a well-known indica strain that is great for reducing stress.

This LA Confidential had a wonderful aroma that instantly swept through the room like a mini haboob. We tested it with a pipe and vaporizer, both of which left us feeling relaxed and happy. The medicine gave us with a nice high, and it managed to help everyone sleep superbly all night. Along with a relaxed state-of-mind, our pain was reduced significantly. It produces slight dry mouth, but nothing a beverage can’t remedy.

LA Confidential from Green Med Express will leave you with a relaxed mind and good body stone, without feeling tired or foggy-minded. It makes for the perfect office strain: very medicated, yet functional and merry.

For more information about LA Confidential, contact Green Med Express here.

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