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Question by Cheri: Are there specific medical marijuana strains that help relieve chronic pain, joint inflammation?
I have a very painful rheumatoid arthritis condition, as well as osteoarthritis. . I never thought I would, but I am considering trying something that is natural as apposed to the heavy medication routine that I am currently on. I also am trying to learn if medical marijuana causes inflammation in the body that could cause my immune system to worsen, if it is not taken in through smoking, but by other natural means. I am finding mixed information about whether this causes inflammation, and believe it is only when this substance is smoked, that it contributes to inflammation.

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Answer by Exec Pot Head
Indica Mon Cheri!
My advice – find some and see. If you don’t smoke cigarettes I don’t think the minimal smoking of 2 to 3 hits even a few times a day would not hurt. The studies I see are about cigarette smoking and inflammation. There is a Vaporizer. Wonderful, high cost invention.
The link is to a forum with your same question. Kush for arthritis.
Definitely try cookies! Obtain lower grade MJ and look up a BudTer recipe.

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