Many people in high places fear the wrath of the public should they openly opt for marijuana legalization – one federal judge sees the fear as pointless. Federal Judge Richard “Dick” Posner, recognized as among the most-noticeable legal staffers from the Reagan administration, openly and proudly said in the course of a recent symposium that he thinks it’s ridiculous that the organic cannabis plant is federally illegal. The judge expressed uncertainty that strict marijuana laws are needed for other illegal drugs, and also questioned the success of the criminal justice system in managing drug abuse problems.

“In my opinion, I do not feel we need to have a section of the drug laws that we currently have in place in our system.” Posner said to the crowd of at Elmhurst College in Chicago Illinois. “It’s quite ridiculous to be criminalizing and vilifying possession of marijuana or distributing or even smoking the medicinal plant,” said the Judge – being met with a load roar from the cheering crowd. “On one hand weed, the other cigarettes…I see no difference.”

Richard Posner – currently serving on the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit within Chicago – continued his rant about marijuana myths and facts and questioned the necessity for strict consequences when it pertains to other worse drugs besides cannabis. “I question other drug and marijuana laws…I have no idea how much information we know, just for example, regarding if cocaine is actually a drug that’s disabling or if it’s something individuals can take and lead to less or more normal lives.”

“There’s no doubt that dangerous drugs are everywhere at a human’s disposal,” continuing to say that his fear of harder drugs may be a tad overblown. “There are loads of problems out there and the idea of utilizing criminal law as the 1st means of handling a problem of abuse and addiction, of consuming a dangerous drug. It’s not practical by an means.”

He finished by saying “that’s the reason for a high number of our inmates and these penalties are regularly over-the-tip severe” Pull out an Ipad and take notes, President Obama and Mitt Romney: when a renowned and known conservative judge such as says your failed war on drugs “ridiculous.” Should a new era be in place where the conversation about marijuana legalization isn’t scoffed at?