How do people get medical marijuana?

Posted: Jan.12.11  |  Author:  |  Category: News

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Question by Danny O: How do people get medical marijuana?
Okay so Im not that smart cuz im only 15 so dont make fun of me cuz this is a dumb question kinda…I always here people talking about ohh im getting medical [marijuana] and on some videos on youtube I see people with like the medicine containers that say like “HolyWater OG NOT FOR RESALE” for example…and the people that smoke these seem to be perfectly fine…so what is medical marijuana and how do people get it and stuff if they dont have cancer and stuff I know this sounds like a dumb question but whoever can help will get the ten points! Thanks!

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Answer by Cyn
I live in California, which is one of the states that allows people to get a prescription for marijuana for medical purposes. (I do not know whether or not California is the only state in the USA that allows this, though… It’s possible that it’s the only state.)

When the issue was first put to the voters many, many years ago, I knew that marijuana had certain medical benefits that are unique. For example, it helps people who are nauseous from having chemotherapy to be able to eat more food than they’d be able to otherwise, and it improves their quality-of-life. I believe in compassionate medicine, and so I voted to allow prescription marijuana.

I do NOT regret that decision. However, over the years since we citizens passed that law, I have noticed that marijuana use is being advocated for more and more things. For example a marijuana advocacy group (NORML) runs ads saying that people ought to be able to use marijuana just because things make them nervous, and they need to calm down in order to be effective at their jobs. One ad shows a young man who’s a stockbroker, and the ad says that he couldn’t do his job if he didn’t use marijuana, because there’s so much pressure at work. And MY reaction was, “Well, maybe you should find another line of work if you feel that you have to get high in order to do your job!”

And I take classes at my local community college, and many of the young people keep telling each other that it’s so easy to get a prescription for marijuana–just to get high–not really for any legitimate medical purpose. I guess that all that they have to say is that they have anxieties or something, and some doctors will prescribe it. They’re out in the parking lot at school, getting stoned together before coming to class. –And I can’t help thinking, “I didn’t vote for THIS!”

I don’t mean to lecture anyone, but I often think that it wouldn’t be acceptable to come to work or school all drunk on booze, so then why is it somehow OK to come to work or school stoned on MJ?

But, to answer your question: If you’re only fifteen, then you’d need to get your parents’ OK to see a doctor to evaluate you and determine if you’d be helped by taking marijuana–just the same as if you’d wanted tranquilizers or anti-depression meds (SSRIs, for example) or anything else that affects your mood. You would not be able to get a doctor to prescribe it for you on your own until you’re a legal adult (age 18). I hope that answers your question. But PLEASE consider what I wrote above: When it would not be appropriate to go someplace drunk, then it would also not be appropriate to go someplace stoned…even if you have a legitimate prescription.

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