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Question by letsGo: How long does it take to receive a Medical Marijuana card from State of Michigan?
Once I am approved by the doctor and my application is sent off to the State of Arizona, how long does it usually take to receive the actual Medical Marijuana card/ID? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Dank
The Arizona Medical Marijuana Program is trying to meet a 20 day turn around time.
Use the State web site because a patient can use copies of the form while waiting on the card. They also send a confirmation email the moment you are approved with your Patient ID. But if you’re like me; you want that piece of plastic in your hand the sooner the better. In Arizona, I got my card in the mail almost 2 weeks after I was approved. Some get sooner, some get later but the state is good at actually providing customer service. I might not care for William Humble’s approach, but his employees in the Marijuana department are some of the nicest and most professional people you can talk to.

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