Marijuana use during pregnancy????

Posted: Jan.16.11  |  Author:  |  Category: News

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Question by Shay: Marijuana use during pregnancy????
Everyone seems to have their own opinion when it comes to this topic. Some people say it’s so terrible and you shouldn’t do it. Some say it is how you us it (smoke, vaporizer). Some ppl say it stunts your growth or your baby can have sleep problems. I really don’t understand the sleep problem when marijuana is known to calm you and is one type of medication/drug that is not as addictive and isn’t a very difficult to withdraw from. I hear people, even those who work in the medical field use marijuana while pregnant to help treat morning sickness and stress. They have said it was the only way they could even eat and it would stay down. Also for stress, everyone knows that if you stress lots it can cause a miscarriage. All of these people have healthy, intelligent children who don’t have sleeping problems. I have never heard anyone say that they used marijuana and it harmed their baby or they lost their baby. I read about studies done on pregnant women of Jamaica and it proves lots of this as facts. I wonder if the US says it’s so bad because it is illegal. I believe if marijuana would become legal, the pharmaceutical industry would decline drastically. I don’t think it is all that bad as the US makes it seem. We use many different types of herbs to heal and relax (herbal tea) and it is proven that it is healthier than the substitutes. Why when it comes to marijuana it’s not as healthy to these people. It is all natural and has been used by presidents including Abe Lincoln as a medication and lots of people think that he was very successful. I really don’t understand America.
What is your view about pregnant women who use marijuana???
Opium and cyanide are not herbs. Herbs are very healthy for you and are found in lots of medications….

An herb is a plant that is valued for flavor, scent, medicinal or other qualities other than its food value.[1] Herbs are used in cooking, as medicines, and for spiritual purposes.

There is a difference between using it for recreation and medical reasons.
breathing problems…thats when different ways to use marijuana can come into it or vaporizers…how would that cause breathing issues???

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Answer by *Laura*
I didn’t do it,but a lot of people I know smoked while pregnant,and their babies are/were 100% fine. My mom did it when she was pregnant with me the whole time,the drs knew,an said nothing to her about it because from what they knew back then even it wouldn’t harm anything. I’m fine with women making this choice,but like everything else in pregnancy,if they choose to do it,it should be done in moderation,simply b/c if they smoke it,any smoke is bad for the baby. The smoke itself and not what it contains with marijuana. I asked my dr about it and she told me that’s the only evidence they’ve found of it being harmful (I asked b/c I had friends that were pregnant and smoking it) is that the smoke itself isn’t good for the baby,but she’d rather a mom smoke marijuana than cigarettes. That cigarettes while less of a risk than made out a lot of the time have more of a chance of harming anything.

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