Q&A: How do I become a legal medical Marijuana grower in New Jersey?

Posted: Dec.25.10  |  Author:  |  Category: News

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Question by lalalady: How do I become a legal medical Marijuana grower in New Jersey?
The state of NEW JERSEY is about to compassionately pass Medical Marijuana laws for the sick in need of its help. I am interested in the licencing process and the proper way to become a Grower, and open a Grow House in NJ.

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Answer by goz1111
Interesting question: But it would seem based upon the info published there will only be 6 total distribution centers in NJ, the NJ bill is the strictest bill of all the states, and will treat pot on the same level a prescription drugs and such even though under criminal statute they are not

So yahoo answers is probably not the best resources need to look toward a pharmacist or other health care provider already active in the state to see your best recourse

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