A retired medical marijuana patient from England is ‘looking down the barrel’ of the British legal system after the elderly man was caught with the hydroponic cultivation of cannabis to help treat the pains of his ailing arthritis. The 73 year-old senior that is currently on the British equivalent of Social Security plead guilty to growing over 40 cannabis plants from indica to sativa strains in his English flat. Irving Fuchs from All Cannings, England has suffered from the debilitating effects of arthritis for numerous decades and smoking cannabis was a holistic option that this retiree chose. The card holding cannabis patient was found to be growing marijuana plants of various strains after a tip from one of his neighbors informed police of his hydroponic grow room.

The police raided the house of the marijuana horticulturist last August and discovered 5 marijuana plants in the backyard, 4 cannabis plants in a DIY greenhouse setup, 10 in a polytunnel and 4 cultivating in the front yard. After further investigation of the grounds, the kitchen was the home of an additional 6 pot plants of sativa strains and while upstairs master bedroom housed 11 organic plants named Mary Jane. Fuchs informed police that he had been smoking marijuana ever since he was teen – instantly understanding the benefits of marijuana. All the marijuana that was grown by the farmer was for personal consumption. All the seized plants by police were mainly composed of marijuana clippings and trim, however a few of the plants were mature.

Defending attorney Raymond Tan brought to the courts numerous letters of support from the neighbors of Fuch. The organic marijuana farmer sent a letter directly to the judge unveiling his marijuana grow was only for personal use and no illegal activity ever took place. The arrest of Fuch was 1 of 3 cannabis cultivation setups that were busted in the Devizes area as of recent.