Marijuana Candy

Posted: Mar.17.12  |  Author:  |  Category: Marijuana Recipes

Marijuana Candy

Hard Candy that Makes for a Great Marijuana Infused Treat

These cannabis candies can be made into Jolly Rancher-style candy, lollipops or any other shape of hard candy. These are perfect for eating throughout the day..or in the morning…or in the evening…or…

Careful though, I couldn’t stop eating them!

They taste great and make you feel great. We used watermelon and strawberry flavoring for our first batch. Lemon lime and grape the second time. I can’t decide which I like best!


2 cups sugar
1 cup light corn syrup
1 cup water
1-2 ounces marijuana tincture
Candy molds or lollipop molds
Any food coloring and flavoring of your choice


Combine sugar, syrup, and water to a pot on the stove over medium-heat. Stir until all ingredients have dissolved and bring to 300 degree boil. Slowly stir in color and flavorings. Once combined, turn off heat and stir in marijuana tincture. Pour the mix into your candy molds, but make sure you do it quick cause it will harden quick!