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Cannabis Seeds

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The Blueberry Cannabis seed strain is undoubtedly one of the most colorful and exquisite marijuana hybrids available in the form of seeds today.

It is indeed the flagship strain of the family of Blue, having earned a lot of popularity among the global cannabis growers. It received the name because of the blue hues of Blueberry, and the unbelievable blue aroma, which is as amazingas the smell and taste of real blueberries. If you are a marijuana growers looking forward to grow this cannabis strain, then you need to stay aware of the pros and cons associated with this strain of seeds. Read on to find out all about Blueberries cannabis seeds.

Classic Combination of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with High THC

Blueberry, the popularly classy, enjoyable and original marijuana blended with the blue colorations in buds and leaves and fruity flavors, comes with genetics that is a combination of 80% indica and 20% sativa. With 19.5% THC level, this variety belongs to a group of strains, which is considered to be extremely strong. However, the high of Blueberry is expected to be euphoric, pleasant and clear rather than too dominating.

Advantages of Blueberry Cannabis

The major advantages of Blueberry cannabis include its superior quality and taste with a sweet and fruity fragrance. Further, the buds that are produced have a high level of THC as mentioned earlier. As in the case of all the strains belonging to the Blue Family, the buds present a more vivid coloring when the plant is out in the open in very cold temperature towards the end of its growth cycle, displaying a gorgeous appearance.

Why Do Cultivators Love It?

Many cultivators favor this strain for growing just because of its great qualities and attractive color when it flowers. The blueberry cannabis seeds can be grown into medium size plants and they have a very long life when compared to the other types of cannabis seed strains. For the best yield, the grower needs to ensure that he buys the seeds from a reliable, you can buy cannabis seeds at High Supplies.

Can be Grown Indoors as well as Outdoors

Blueberry is a great cannabis strain to be considered for cultivation by indoor growers, though outdoor growers can also opt to grow it under moderate outdoor environments and favorable conditions.

Extensive Medical Applications

Another benefit of Blueberry marijuana that deserves to be mentioned is that it is extensively used all through the medical marijuana community. It is a great way to treat patients who are suffering from different kinds of pain. In fact, it is regarded as one of the medicinal cannabis plants with the most therapeutic worth. Few of the other ordinary medicinal uses of this strain are for treating cramping, diarrhea, and nausea.

On the Whole

With so many advantages, cannabis growers may not find any reason to ignore this particular strain. Though, there is one downside that growers should consider. Blueberry is not the easiest strain to cultivate, especially by a beginner. It can also be a fussy feeder, so first-time cannabis cultivators need to stay away from this strain. Though, the right efforts of a professional grower would be rewards wit harvests of possibly one of the best marijuana strains available.

Even after several years of its introduction, Blueberry is still a leading coffee-shop favorite.

logoThese are just some basics, but you can make it a science project to get the right soil and location. I wanted to focus on growers who just started and don’t have a lot of time or their location(s) makes it hard to do everything properly. These are tips to do it quickly, easily, inexpensively, and get the basics right…

Upgrade the Soil

Often the soil in an outdoor situation is not loose enough for marijuana plants’ roots to grow fast. The first thing you should do is dig and loosen up the soil. Try and go about 2 – 2.5 feet deep. And while you are at it why not mix in some ingredients to make it better. A good organic potting soil with coco is a good basic; mix it in 50-50 with the original soil. You want to loosen the soil so water can drain more easily preventing root rot. Another good way to give the soil better drainage is mixing in perlite as well. This is easily available at most garden centers. It will help the soil stay aired and makes it easier for the roots to grow through the loose soil. The third thing you could do is add some nutrients. When I grew outdoor I used organic cow manure in dried form, but you can also use chicken manure as long as it is organic. You don’t want to smoke or vape the chemicals in non-organic manure, believe me. If you visit your crop every now and then, you can add more manure if it is dried. The best way is to mix it with water so it will reach the roots quickly and easily.

Choose the Right Location

A good location for a marijuana plant looks like this: an around the clock sunny location (maximum growth) with enough air movement, but also not too windy. Actually that is pretty hard to find. Buildings can sometimes proved a nice, less windy spot, but will often cast a shadow. In a more open area you might not want it to be too “out in the open” so you will have to compromise. Put it between some trees so it is kind of hidden but make sure it will get enough direct sunlight so it can grow fast enough. Make sure there is enough water, the best way to assure that is to plant it 5 – 15 feet from a stream or pond.

Give it a Good Start

You should always start your plant indoors, at least for the first few weeks. If the smell becomes too intense then it’s a good time to start thinking about putting it outside. Try and make the transition for indoor to outdoor as smooth as possible. The plant will have to get used to lower temperatures and direct sunlight. Indoors the plant is protected against UV (glass bounces it) but outdoors this can burn the leaves because they are not yet used to that. I use this plan: let the plant get used to lower temperatures but keep it indoors and then let it get used to direct sunlight by first keeping it in a spot with a just couple of hours of direct sunlight, preferably not the hottest hours (1 – 3 p.m.) of the day. You don’t want to move it around all the time just choose good spots for the two step transition. Doing it this way you make sure the plant won’t get stressed so prevent it from becoming a hermaphrodite, making it useless.

Good luck with your outdoor crop, and I hope these simple beginners instructions where helpful. I grew my first outdoor crop last year it was a feminized skunk plant and I harvested around 120 grams (dried!). It is delicious, and pretty strong for an outdoor plant and that has to do with lots of sunlight and plenty of good nutrients.

If you have become enthusiastic about growing outdoors yourself, I recommend this small seedbank and grow community to safely buy marijuana seeds online.


Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Buy Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds OnlineI ordered seeds from a couple different seed companies, and so far is one of the best. I picked up some feminized White Widow seeds and some New York City Diesel seeds. Two of my favorites. The prices were reasonable and the y had a good selection. Not to mention the seeds came quick.

I haven’t had any problems as of yet, and all the seeds have sprouted (I have ordered seeds from other companies and only 80 – 90% have sprouted, so I was impressed to say the least). I will be uploading pictures as they grow!

You can check their website and buy marijuana seeds here. Happy growing!