Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review

Posted: Apr.20.11  |  Author:  |  Category: Strains

Jack Herer marijuana
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Genetics Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Environment Indoor
Difficulty Easy
Yield 250 grams/ square meter
Height Short
Flowering time 6-7 weeks
THC Level Medium 10 – 15%
Feeling Very strong, intense body high

Nine awards and counting, and with good reason. This is one of the best hybrids ever developed.

In the Netherlands, it is distributed under prescription by Dutch pharmacies as one of the few recognized varieties of medicinal-grade cannabis.

The trait common to all Jack Herer phenotypes is a dazzling double-edged potency, users feel a incredible cerebral high while at the same time experiencing a breathtaking body-buzz. There is a reason this bud has become a legend.