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I lovingly pulled my bud apart hair by hair, to prepare for vaping. I was THAT old school about it.

I stepped into the future with my acceptance of grinders. I have tested a bunch, and stuck with my faves. Some weed gets put through one, and then a vial is prepared for another vape that uses a finer grind (MFLB for example) and that weed is sent through a different grinder!

was the diehard that didn’t believe in grinders!


Please note. I do not necessarily consume all of the herb you’ve seen me prepare. I may share with another vaporist, or may not have to prepare again for a day or two.

I guess what I am saying here, is I like this community, so I am sharing of myself, that you know me better!


I got a good plastic grinder today, as a sample, along with an order. I love this thing , and wanted to show it to you. This video, starts out with  a comment about some cheap items I was not happy with, and I show a “credit card grinder” also (but I was afraid to put any meds on it, for fear they would scatter!)

The Dragon Chewer, is made of mold injected plastic. The teeth are sharp and not glued on, but built in. It acts as an airtight carrying case, and is unbreakable.

It comes in packs of 3 (small medium and large) for $16, free shipping.

This is the first and only plastic grinder I have ever recommended!