Omicron Vaporizer for Concentrates

Posted: Oct.12.11  |  Author:  |  Category: Vaporizer
I just received delivery of the Omicron Vaporizer, for concentrates.
I now check the battery to learn that it was shipped with an appropriate charge.
I have acquired some hash oil (not made from Iso) from a local Compassion Club. It is approximately a gram. Near the oil, you will see an envelope, and a metal cone. This is a filling kit, that Planet Vape was kind enough to include, to facilitate the cartridge filling, which I must be done with care.
Watching a couple of videos before receiving the Omicron definitely helped with the filling of the cartridge.
Those that own the Omicron, can relate, I am sure to the pride I felt after getting one full gram of almost solid glue like black hash oil out of it’s vial, and successfully into the Omicron cartridge.
It did take about ten minutes to accomplish, but I did not spill a drop! The filling kit helped!.Since the battery only allows a 6 second engagement, I use a triple hit technique.. taking three 6 second hits, before releasing.
The vapor and flavor production has improved since this video, as the glue-like oil, has finally settled to where it is supposed to be!This is the second day of medicating with the Omicron, and thanks to you guys… my technique has improved… as far as the priming… (I was being too gentle). The battery took me through the past 24 hours, and is  charging now.
I have gained  a new admiration for the Omicron. The  hash oil vapor delivery is not the monster hash oil hits from dabs of oil on  a “skillet”. The hits are measured, and are therefore a nice way to ease into your level of medication.
I like to stack a few hits as I did in yesterdays brief vid, for a richer effect.
Although I have access primarily to flowers, and am in no position  to make my own oil.. I will make it a point to try to keep my Omicron in oil as I can.
It medicated me effectively, and with very little fuss…