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AZ Gov’s Critical Remarks About Marijuana Backfire, Nationally

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Last Friday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey prompted a person during his press conference to fact check his derogatory remarks about marijuana.

It turns out, Ducey’s statements about marijuana were so completely inaccurate, stereotypical, and ignorant, that The Washington Post wrote about it.

Ducey, who opposes Prop 205, the ballot measure that would legalize and regulate marijuana use and possession in limited quantities for adults 21 years of age or older in Arizona, made several statements claiming that marijuana is nothing but harmful and more addictive than alcohol, KTAR News reports.

“I would check your facts when you say something is not addictive, that something’s safer than alcohol,” Ducey said in the press conference.

The Washington Post decided to fact check Ducey’s statements. Here is a summary of what they found:

marijuana users are less likely to become dependent than alcohol users

marijuana is considerably less toxic to the human body than alcohol

federal data reveal that the odds of getting into a car accident don’t increase much from consuming marijuana; whereas, those odds increase dramatically from drinking alcohol

alcohol is much, much more closely linked to violent behavior than marijuana

alcohol consumption can be fatal; whereas, marijuana has no known fatal dosage level (at least no level that a person could reasonably consume in one sitting)


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