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Darwin Brands Launches Marijuana Distillates and Edibles in Arizona

Darwin Brands, a new Arizona-based medical marijuana edibles company, launched its classy product lines in Arizona on International Darwin Day, Feb 12.

The new products by Darwin Brands comprise of distillate oil cartridges, gummies and hard caramel candies.

Darwin’s award-winning, triple-distilled, CO2-extracted marijuana oil distillate is the base ingredient for all the Darwin products. “Triple distilling our CO2-extracted cannabis oil allows us to provide the most pure and potent cannabis for our patients,” said James George, CMO at Darwin Brands.

Darwin’s edibles are offered in three “series,” each containing different potencies. Origin Series edibles contain 2mg THC per dose, Evolution Series contains 10mg THC per dose, and Voyager Series contains 50mg THC per dose.

“This tiered approach takes the guesswork out of the desired experience” said George. “It allows patients to self-select their experience level and choose the right dose for them, whether they are curious about cannabis, seeking a microdose, experienced consumers or connoisseurs. We created this tiered structure to see [that] consumers will always enjoy their cannabis with confidence.”

The Darwin vape cartridges feature a unique variable airflow that allows consumers to tailor their draw. Oil variations include premium flavors and tasty, proprietary terpene blends, some of which are enhanced with specific cannabinoids to reinforce the entourage effect.

Oil offerings include:

  • Pure Distillate – for those seeking a pure, clean effect;
  • Cloud Nine – a terpene blend that provides an uplifting mood;
  • Chillax + CBN – a terpene blend to relax, with CBN added to remove any edge;
  • Engage + THCV – a terpene blend to activate your mind, with added THCV for clarity and focus; and
  • 1:1 CBD:THC – in the Origin Series for those seeking a balanced microdose.

The THC distillate oil comes in a 0.6 ml vaporizer cartridge with 500 mg THC and a 1.2 ml cartridge with 1,000 mg of THC.

Darwin’s products are tested to be pesticide- and solvent-free.

Contact your local dispensary and ask if they carry Darwin products.

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