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How Much Do You Know about Marijuana?

Marijuana Info

This is the Marijuana Guide, an informative guide that will teach you everything you need to know about marijuana.

Find out what plant marijuana comes from, the many effects marijuana produces and why, popular terms for marijuana (slang), the best types of marijuana for you, where and how to legally purchase marijuana, what the difference is between marijuana, medical marijuana, and cannabis, and much more.

Below are the Marijuana Guide “chapters” (links). These chapters will provide you with all the knowledge about marijuana that you will need in order to understand marijuana and the emerging marijuana industries (medical and recreational) in America and throughout the world.

This guide will also teach you about Arizona’s medical marijuana laws, what medical conditions qualify a person for a medical marijuana card in Arizona, how to get a medical marijuana card in Arizona, what marijuana strain(s) is best for you, how to legally and confidently buy marijuana from an Arizona dispensary, and other useful information about marijuana. In order to return to this main page you can click either your browser’s “back button” or the “Next Topic” link at the end of each chapter.

What is Marijuana?

Learn what marijuana is, where it comes from, and the types of strains that humans consume.
Read the article “What is Marijuana?”

Effects from Marijuana

Learn the effects that marijuana produces and which strains create what effects.
Read the article “Effects from Marijuana.”

Health Benefits from Marijuana (THC & CBD)

Learn what health benefits come from marijuana and the strains that will be best for you.
Read the article “Health Benefits from Marijuana.”

How to Use Marijuana: Smoke, Eat, or Vaporize?

Learn how to consume marijuana and what ways will be ideal for you.
Read the article “How to Use Marijuana.”

Basics of Arizona Medical Marijuana Law

Stay legal. Learn the basics of Arizona’s medical marijuana laws.
Read the article “Basics of Arizona Medical Marijuana Law.”

How to Get an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

There are a few basic steps to getting an AZ medical marijuana card.
Read the article “How to Get an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card.”

How to Buy Marijuana From a Dispensary (Things to Know)

Learn how to buy medical marijuana from Arizona dispensaries and what you should ask them.
Read the article “How to Buy Marijuana From a Dispensary.”

Other Terms for Marijuana

Be prepared for a marijuana spelling bee. Learn the most common names for marijuana.
Read the article “Other Terms for Marijuana | Slang.”

What is Hemp?

Learn about America’s next mass-produced industrial crop. Find out what hemp is, where it comes from, and what it is used for.
Read the article “What is Hemp?”

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