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MPP Attempting to Legalize Marijuana for Arizona Adults

Marijuana Legalization

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is attempting to get marijuana legalized for adults in Arizona.

Mason Tvert, spokesman for the MPP stated, “Marijuana prohibition has proven to be just as huge a failure as alcohol prohibition.”

Recently, the U.S. Department of Justice, Senator John McCain, and former Mexican president Vicente Fox have all begun to support the legalization of marijuana for adults.

“The department of justice has made it clear that states like Arizona and Colorado can adopt these laws, and they will respect them,” Tvert added.

In April, a Pew Research Center poll found that 52 percent of Americans support the legalization of marijuana for adults. And in May, a behavioral research center poll found that 56 percent of Arizonans favor the legalization of possession of marijuana in small amounts.

Tvert, an Arizona resident, knows those numbers don’t lie and that “it would be more sensible to regulate marijuana and start treating it like alcohol.”

But Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery is still against the voter-approved Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and will do everything in his power to fight the Marijuana Policy Project’s attempts to legalize marijuana for adults in Arizona. Montgomery has been openly and overly strict on medical marijuana growers, sellers, patients, and consumers, even though they are abiding Arizona’s medical marijuana laws.

Apparently, Mr. Montgomery has never heard the axiom: “The will of the people is the law of the land.”

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