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Trump to Visit Arizona Next Week Despite Pandemic

President Trump

By Associated Press

(AP) — President Donald Trump said that he’s planning to travel to Arizona next week and is looking forward to resuming campaign rallies after spending more than a month mostly cooped up at the White House because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The president reportedly will be visiting a Honeywell facility in Phoenix to highlight critical medical equipment production and the addition of 500 manufacturing jobs in Arizona.

Honeywell announced last month that it expects to produce more than six million N95 masks for Arizona over the next year to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

President Trump has been inconsistent about legalizing marijuana during his entire presidency. Early on, he supported a bill to ease the federal ban on marijuana and legalized hemp, but lately he’s changed his stance by saying he can ignore states’ medical marijuana protections.

One of Trump’s top spokespeople stated in February that marijuana must be “kept illegal.”


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